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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crap full with seafood...Damn nice!!! The seafood dinner just now at LaLa Chong (old subang airport) was indeed very tasty and fulfilling. The fish and the crabs were super-licious. I would highly recommend those who want to try seafood to try out there. Anyhow, its a little bit pricy.  I am now still indulging with the seafood taste...Relaxing... Am officially resigned from being RA at IMU. So, no more extra income...but more time to focus in the project and follow up with the previous project. I guess, that will be a better step for me to take in... I need luck!!! I definitely need luck...I guess Stc's lab students all needed lucks!!!  Pray for have the lucks... about luck, suddenly remind me of my doggy- lucky chai. I wanted to go back to hometown to see this doggy...So damn missing lucky chai..... Haha...crapping over here... I guess I am stressed out...way stressed out... I can felt my back ears slowly having the same pain that I had have it, when I am infected with shingles. I hope this isn't shingles again...I don't want to have it again! =="

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