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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Every year, there will be arguement regarding to whom shall get scholarship to enter this and that, and arguements regarding to the quotas, the type of examination and etc. For my own opinion, the education ministry should have do something before it gets worsen. One of the step they should have to consider is really to have a common examination, not to seperate it, and using different type of examination system and marking scheme for the test. Over here in Malaysia, there are too a lot of type of high schools and also colleges that offer numerous type of examination. If the education ministry want to offer scholarship and the system of the examination are very much different from each other, how to be fair to the students and applicants? They should have to know that without the existency of an unified examination, there will be no justification for the students. Students marking scheme and grading system from matriculation are way much more different that STPM. We could not say that those scored with flying colour in Matriculation system can score in STPM. Sometimes, differenciation of marking scheme will make a huge different as well.

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