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Monday, May 4, 2009

Gardasil, seminar, dream~

At last, after a gap of 6 months; I finally finished the last jab of Gardasil. I had blogged before regarding to Gardasil, quite some time ago. This means, I had fulfill the requirement to take in all 3 jabs. My friend, Step, told me that the last jab kind of a little bit more painful then the 2 previous jabs. I think, she was correct! This last jab was indeed kind of leaving a longer pain at my upper left arm. Anyhow, I am glad that I had finished the last jab and was done before reaching age of 26. Today, received an email from Stc that there will be a seminar of some microarray stuff by a speaker from Shanghai-organised by Medic Fac. I planned to attend initially, but ended not attending at all! I was kind of late, while rushing to wash some membrane, and doing a log phase culture for competent cell. I reached the meeting room doorway at around 3 plus in the afternoon, I am trying to look around to find some familiar faces...I indeed found some, but all were lecturers there. The speaker already started his presentation for almost more than 30 minutes. I felt like I am dishonouring the speaker by just walking in the meeting like that. So, at last, I cancelled the plan to enter and headed back to the lab to continue my work. Hopefully, tomorrow...Stc won't be calling and asked reasons of not attending. Oh...I suddenly recalled a weird dream of mine today, this early morning when I hit the button of snoozing the alarm and continue my dream. I dreamt that a friend of mine, whom I know during university at Terengganu had labour a baby! I am so shocked, as in I didnt even know that she was married or something like couple. Coincidently, at that monent, I was at her hometown at Sarawak. I went in to her village and pay her a visit. Her mum told me that something bad had happened. I am puzzled. I asked how my friend ended up like this, in such a situation. The mother told me that the brother, came home with friends and raped her. Then, the pregnancy and they do not want to make the, it ended up laboured the baby! I was like OMG! How can it be?! I quickly went in to see her and she indeed confessed and mentioned that until today, the brother and the whole gang of friends haven't been found or caught. I can felt so a lot of anger accumulated in me, I suddenly woke up from the dream. Okok...I also find it abit weird, but this was just a dream......

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