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Friday, May 22, 2009

Today was a great day, I suppose, to Irene. Congratulation for her registration. She is now Mrs Wong, or Madam Lee...lolz... Also, today was another argument day for the Perak Politic typhoon. " Now you are, now you don't!!!" OMG!!! The rulling of who is the Perak MB's result was out. aspected. Appeal successful. I wonder is it so easily to appeal? Anyhow, why is it the fuss of fighting who is the righteous MB for Perak? The state should have re-run a new election for the state. By this, fair and square. A new election for the rakyat to choose for their right and for democracy. If there is no re-election, the fight will be forever never-ending...and who will be those whom is suffering? The rakyat, of course!!! There is a Malay proverbs "Gajah sama gajah berlawan, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah". This is the same situation that will happened, if the politic issue in Perak is a never-ending story. Hopefully, those whom can really make something, please do something, before all the rakyat in Perak suffers! We, as the rakyat, doesn't wanted any fight, but we wanted to have our peace and our life going. The development in Perak will be slowed down, dragged and in worse, Perak will be dramatically out from any investment by foreigner. The economy generation in the state will be extremely slow, and at last, who will suffer even more? The rakyat, of course. If the authority have any mercy and think for the rakyat's sake, please act and do something before the whole Perak when into a total disaster!, my homestate... God bless Perak, God bless the rakyat...!!!

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