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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Save the dogs!!!

HELP the Pulau Ketam's stray dogs!!!  The highlight of Pulau Ketam's stray dogs are still not enough to help them. Malaysia is lack of dog lovers. We need to unite to help them. Donate to the SPCA save pulau ketam's stray dog fund...their details are all stated in the link. The act to starve dogs to death is not a good idea at all. Haven they heard of the fittest survive theory? If the strongest dog survive in aggressiveness and dominance, and if miraculously the dog manage to swim back to the villagers...The dog might have changed into some new behaviour-ed dog. It might already eliminated typical domestic dog behaviour and employ the survival skill it had learned in the island. Now, the dog might become fiercer and, it might pose a dangerous to human. This is not what we wanted! If the villagers do not want more and more stray dogs, they should have neuter/spay their dogs, be it male or female dogs. This will lower the population of the dogs and it will be under control. If they let those dogs keep on loitering and producing, they can be very productive and hence, a lot more stray dogs in the village. To neuter/spay a dog is not expensive at all. If I do not mistaken, I once read in news that it takes only RM 2 to get it done. Or, if RM 2 seems to much, just ensure that you keep your dog nicely in the housing compound, do not let it sway away outside and 'spread' seeds...then I guess, it will also lower down the population of stray dogs...At least, do no need to starve the dogs to death. This is very inhumane!!! Too inhumane. God knows who did this and be assured that one day, you will get the judgement!!!  Imagine we are kept isolated and starve to death...this will be the real dog eat dog situation whereby who is the strongest and fierciest can rule and survive the world. By this, I can be sure that the person who survived this bizzare  environment will turned into a silent walking time bomb. Who knows? Save the the animals....they have rights too, they are creature of God too...they are part of the living earth...  

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