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Friday, May 15, 2009

谁说爱情不能做比较 vs 爱情不能做比较---

So, do you agree? Says who that love cannot be compared? and Do love really comparable?  Do we compare love? or We actually compare love that is from particular individuals towards us? How are we going to measure love? Can we really  measure it? Imagine if we make comparison of love between each other, be it among friends, among family, among relationship and etc... we really love from our heart? ---Love is incomparable... How far the truth of this statement? Do we mind that it is unfair for us to love so and so more, and no love we have in return?  If you loves so and so, would you really measure how much love you pour in the relationship and vice versa? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for me, if love can be measurable...then love cannot be so will have a limitation, due to its comparable characteristic. I would think that love cannot be compare, cannot be measure...that is wholly my opinion. I would think that love is so diverse that I myself would not be able to experience all love-will I? " If love can be made a comparison,  There shall be no true love,  There shall be no compassion,  There shall be no rainbow from above,  If love can be made a comparison,  There shall be a limitation,  There shall be definite judgment,  There shall be infinite arguments,  If love can be made a comparison..."     (SP Lee)

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