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Friday, June 19, 2009

A friend told me...

.........that there had been cases of mortality of girls after injected with Gardasil. And the figure? According to, there are 29 cases in two years out of 5 millions girls whom  had taken the Gardasil as a  measures of cervical cancer prevention. Am I not afraid of it? I believe every medicine has their own risk for human consumption. It was rather a bit paranoid if we were to conclude that Gardasil causes death and we do not need Gardasil. It might be a risk for everyone to take Gardasil, as it was still a vaccine that is quite new...and there has been ALWAYS a risk in taking vaccine, regardless of any vaccine. If that will causes a high alarm in us, and hesitating, or even warm others to NOT taking Gardasil; that will not be ME. After attending a forum organised by the Science Academic of Malaysia, even denggue causes more death compare to H1N1 flu or SARS or JE or TB. AM I AFRAID? (I am living in a tropical country where mosquitos breed and grow happily...) I will still advice young girls or those whom had not yet sexually active to have this vaccination. If there has been exposure to sexual intercourse, YEARLY PAP SMEAR will be ideal to have early detection and to treat it earlier. Step and I had finished the 3 jap of Gardasil quite some months ago, I am fine and so does she. My two cents here are that it is very subjective regarding to each individual immune system response towards vaccination, and also it varies from age as well as to individuals' strong will. I have no regret taking Gardasil. And I will still advice my friends and family members to consider taking Gardasil while they are still eligible to do so. There has been always a saying "Prevention is better than cure" So, try to prevent it before we are exposed to it, if we had been exposed; take pre-caution to do PAP SMEAR as a yearly routine check up. These will save life...lots of life to the culprit called HumanPapilloVirus. No offend to those family members, friends or who-so-ever whom had their loved ones lost their life due to Gardasil. Gardasil might not be a perfect vaccine, and there might be a lot more spaces to be develop; but there is one thing for sure, those whom had lost their life were willingly to get Gardasil. Before they lost their life, they lay their trust for a vaccine that can prevent them or giving them higher chances to avoid cervical cancer. All we need to do, is to respect the deceased choices. They had chosen to try, instead of denying. So, what's your saying?

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