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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

days with alien, epi3(special edition)-part II

I am so happy to say that my BP getting to become normal again. This is all because both me n WC did not see this alien in the lab since Sunday. Well, maybe I should not celebrate so early...but I just could not help myself. I must share out this good news... :D Oh, ya... the decision to make this special edition into part 1 and part 2 was out of the blue. A sudden breaking news shocked me, and I felt there is this urge for me to spread it out. SBK asked someone from WC's batch to become his part time RA. (Oh, forgot to mention, this WC isn't Val, so, don't mistakenly dragged Val WC is another Lee in the lab). This person, initially thought it was quite an interesting offer as the part time RA duty is just to finish up the remaining lab works from MY's part. It was mentioned that it will involve just PCRs and also sequencing and analyzing of the sequenced results. SBK also said that he wanted to find this person, because he heard from other lecturers that this person is good and trust worthy to be hired as RA. So, SBK is the one approached this person to ask him for the job offer. (Indeed this person has the credibility to be recommended by other lecturers) and....all this Sounds great, right? Who knows, that this SBK might...OK...I mentioned might (cause it have not yet happened, it is all my assumption),  trying to manipulate this person. Why I says so? A few days ago, this person lets name as A, came in and said that it will be confirmed at September. So, both me and WC were like "HUH?" And A mentioned that SBK might require A to do field sampling or will need A as a helper for collecting samples. Well, luckily A was like kind of smart to brush off the topic of transportation involving A, because SBK asked A regarding to A's type of transportation. Of course, A did mentioned that A is driving to Uni, but A quickly react as in, if in field sampling or collecting samples, A will be following SBK. (Which is kind of true, because the lecturer have to provide the transportation, or else, the RA can claim from the lecturer's grant for what the RA had paid for.) After that conversation between A and SBK, A came in and inform us as in September will be the starting month. I was surprised. What I meant that I was surprise? If not because A mentioned that A might have the possibility to become RA with SBK, SBK actually did not even inform me. Ok, fine. Who the hell I am, in a position that he needed to inform or let me know that he will be hiring RA....BUT, he did mentioned to WC and he expect WC to tell me?! And who is the official student that register under his supervision? Ok, I am not showing jealousy, but I am having pity to myself that my supervisor didn't even have the heart to let me know (okok, so do I..... I am also back stabbing him now and I don't even have the interest to inform him regarding my problems!; lets get even!!!) Oh, forgot to mention that, SBK also excountered the alien weirdness. How do I know? Well, my 'bomoh-ship' superior witnessed it when doing some animal tissue culture thingy at the general tissue culture lab. When this alien was doing plant extraction, there will be a lot of steps requiring flicking of microcentrifuge tube to mix. And, well....this alien replied to sbk that she find it hard to use finger to do the flicking. This alien even mentioned to sbk that she just cannot do it(the flicking with finger). So, this alien asked permission to take some tubes to go back home and practise. OMG!!! I am wondering, did she really graduate from B.Sc Biotechnology?! Hmm...coming up next, is internal conflix....... =="

Monday, August 24, 2009

Days with alien, epi3 (special edition)-part I

Well, now here is the story regarding to the alien's supervisors that seems to be not innocent at all!!! They (2 lecturers: C.C and SBK), knew that this student (a.k.a da alien) is problematic and received a lot of complains before, but....Yes, BUT... They don't even bother to warn us or inform us anything. WC confronted and talked with SBK regarding to this alien, as in we, those in the labs cannot stand this alien arrogant, and ignorance, plus the everything-put the supervisor's name to scare us. This SBK told WC that we should be more understanding and should guide and teach her slowly. WTF!!! If we are hired specially just to teach, then it's totally a different story, but we are also students and now, SBK expect us to teach and guide and be more understanding?! Hey, come on, if we are suppose to be more understanding for this alien, who will be more understanding for us?! This SBK really talks bull sh*t. Later, in some other time, SBK talked to WC again, regarding to this alien. He mentioned something as in, guys and girls thinks differently. OMG such a lame excuse and statement. Of course, individuals thinks differently. Even guys and guys also can think differently...and brothers and sisters also thinks differently, due to we are called individual and we have variances...What the heck he thought to tell us that guys and girls thinks differently?! He said, they (C.C and SBK) can just finished and solve the problem regarding to the alien in 2 minutes, but we girls cannot seems to solve it even after few days. After I heard that, I was like ' D*mn you, SBK!!!' And do you want to know how he n C.C solved it? They said they will move the alien to next door, with Kmr's lab and the problem solved! I was so f*cking cannot believe it. They thought that already solved the problems? NOT AT ALL! This is because when we asked, if she will ever come back in sbk's lab to do her lab work, the answer was YES, she got the rights to do the lab work in SBK's lab, also she can go over to C.C's to do lab work, plus now she can do lab work in Kmr's lab and uses the utilities in all of these 3 labs. I was so surprise, that this was considered problems solved and case closed. Do you think the case closed? I can ensure you, more problems will aroused, due to this alien is a high maintenance student. This alien will just ruined every lab that IT enters. The more lab IT messed up, the more people will complain about her problems.  And then, why the double standards? This alien is a student, so do me n WC! We are also students and we also did not have such a privilege?! Do you know what C.C said to me? He said, that we need to speaks softly, have to use a soft lay-back  attitude and do not use harsh words towards this alien as in to keep both of us safe? WHY?! Moreover, even C.C mentioned that he don't want to takes in the responsibilities that both me and him are innocent from. So, to get a safety net, he will get sbk together with all those who are working in the lab to get face to face for a lab meeting. I don't mind getting that lab meeting, but I just have a superb strong feeling that the meeting would not have any outcome, and yet, the problems still sticks. This is soooooooooo s*cks. I could not believe that SBK and C. C will get me n WC involved with such a problematic non-earth, extra-terrestrial thingy!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Days with alien, epi2 is the continuing story of this specific alien. Oh, forgot to mention, this alien have a mentor that also behave I will try to type it out, if not in this blog, will be in the coming blog. Some day, in this week, the alien specifically asked Stc's pHD-WC to teach her how to cast a EtBr pre-stained gel...In fact, SBK just too damn lame to bother for teaching her how to cast post-stain gel, maybe (my assupmtion). So, SBK asked stc's students, meaning us, whether we do pre-staining, and how...and so on so forth. After such questioning, SBK said that his hons stud will need to do pre-stained gel, since he have not yet found suitable place to store the EtBr solution to do the post-staining. Hence, he mentioned that he might need our help to teach the stud. Who knows....that this hons stud is definitely an alien. I don't know if  she ever attended any of the MBB or Gen classes and labs. The damn classical incident happened to WC, when she was in the lab to teach this alien how to cast a pre-stained gel. Initially, she asked the alien to weight the agarose powder and then measure 30mL of 1X Tae to mix well, before boiling it. So, where is the 1x Tae? Wc asked the alien to prepare 1x Tae her own, jst dilute it from the 10X. And do you know what this alien did? Measure 3mL 10X Tae and want to top up to 30mL to make a 1x Tae. Alright, it was not wrong, but it need to cast a lot of gel in the future, right? Might as well it prepare more 1x Tae as in a 1L bottle. Then, when boiling the mixture, WC ask this alien to boil it until boiling, but it needed at least 1 minute to get it boiled, and after 1 minute, check it to make sure it fully dissolved and then can wait awhile to pipette in the EtBr. IT put the flask inside the microwave, 20 seconds later, opened the microwave door to check...OMG! People had mentioned to her, AT LEAST 1 MINUTE, and she take it out after 20 second to check if it's boiling! And after much frustration informing IT, there we go, the adding and mixing of EtBr in the flask. WC adviced her, not to swirl so vigorously, as it will form bubles and will affect the migration later, as well as will caused not nice gel image. Then this alien when mixing, needed like forever to mix, WC asked her enough of the mixing and just pour the liquid. Who knows, the EtBr still not yet mixed and stained at the wall. Well, if the EtBr still stained at the wall, what the hell IT was mixing when so vigourously shaking it, and what the f*ck IT was doing to mix it in such a long duration of time? Here comes the best of the best. After the gel solidified, IT came by and asked WC, how much buffer to pour in? So, WC nicely replied, just cover the gel (she was doing hyberdization that time, while answering IT). Then, again, this alien asked again, how much buffer to pour in? AGAIN, WC answered just cover the gel. So, this alien, pour the buffer...and asked WC to check if the buffer covered the gel. THE MOST SHOCKING MOMENT as in the buffer indeed just on top of the gel in the tank! There was no buffer in the gel tank but just ON TOP OF THE GEL!!! Helloooooo, even I am not from a molecular or biotech background last time, I also knew that the buffer have to flood the gel as in just nice to cover the gel to run gel electrophoresis! Then when that was the time to pipette in the product. This alien asked how much loading dye to pipette in? WC just asked her to calculate as in, we don't know how much product she wanna load in and she asked this alien a question...which was "What's the purpose of loading dye?" Well, this alien answer in such an arrogant way that the loading dye is to migrate the DNA! Wow!!! Loading dye is to migrate the DNA, so, why we need to run gel electrophoresis? When this is just a part of the happening in the lab....and there are more to come.... Do, stay tune for more reports from me, and more interesting and classical action. Well, before I ended this blog for this moment, I would like to mention that this alien's mentor isn't that innocent at all. Why? Allow me to continue in the coming blog....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Days with alien, epi 1

As day passed by in the lab, it seems like a lot of changes happened! Partially, it might be me that felt so, due to the changes of the orientation, changes of management, changes of equipments, chenges of students, and even changes of attitude! I, personally, also changes. I become impatient, become very very extremely short tempered, and also, I have talk less and less and less!!! Ok. Here is the story. Ever since Boss stc had ciao, the lab left me and another labmate. Both of us seated along the same bench and we cleared an emptied the other bench for another lecturer usage. The other lecturer also shown such a huge disrecpect when she initially enter the lab brought in by sbk. She just open every cabinet to see how full are the cabinets with chemicals, media, reagents, apparatus, and equipments on bench, also those freezer and fridges in the lab. (At that time, Boss stc still around and she have not yet officially off from musc!) sbk just brought her in and said something like...this will be my new lab...I was like WTF!, boss stc haven't ciao and you already brought in visitor to said this is your new lab. I indeed told Boss about this, and she said she will talk to sbk and the new lecturer. After that, I know, these two lecturers should had labeled me as a person whom will complain to boss. Indeed, after I informed boss, less harrasment of foreign people into the lab saying this is my new lab. But, the story did not just end like that. It was just the beginning. Just when we thought the two lecturers are fine with us and can let us be at where we are, here comes this huge disaster. sbk honours student. This thing indeed caused a lot of problems and troubles to us in the lab. When those who had been doing demo for quite some time, all of them saw this thing, and warned us to becareful. Why?! Because this thing is problematic, troublesome, ignorance, cannot follow instruction, and somemore, no basic wetlab knowledge at all! Yes, NO BASIC KNOWLEDGE AT ALL!!! How do we know? Well, once she ask me, where is the stirrer and hot plate to heat the EDTA she is preparing. I said, if the EDTA that you are preparing isn't high Molarity, you can just slowly dissolve it in dH2O. It is not neccessary to use the stirrer and hot plate. Secondly, she asked me to teach her how to switch on the water bath and set the temperature. I was fine with it, so, I asked her 'What temperature you are using?'. Can you guess what's the answer? She replied " 100C". I was in total stunned and my reflection was like "WHAT?! 100C? You know 100C cannot be used in waterbath, it will spoil the water bath. Suppose you boil water in a beaker and incubate the tubes in boiling temperature to do the incubation in 100C!" Know what she did? She just went off, and i kinda don't want to know where she did the 100C incubation. Later, the next day, this thing ask another same skin colour alien to teach her how to set the temperature of the waterbath. I overheard the followings: Alien: I don't know how to set this waterbath temperature, so can you teach me... (some sort like this, coz the alien speaks foreign language that is non-human and non-earth, it's kinda amasing that I can hear the question!) The other alien: OK, press this and switch this, rotate this and the temperature will rise. Ok, set and done. Now it's 65C. Alien: It's 65C? Why have not the temperature figure here show 65C? The other alien: It's 65C, here have not yet 65C because this is the water temperature now. it will take time and slowly heated to 65C. it won't directly shoot up to 65 after we changed it! [Can you imagine...even if I am not doing science, and my mother also know it. When you are boiling water, you need to heat to slowly heat the water to get the temperature in the water to rise! How come this alien don't know? Obviously, this alien isn't from planet earth!] There are more story coming ahead. i shall put the other lab mate story up, in the episode 2. so, stay tune for more interesting story from me, and more facinating action from this alien.