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Monday, August 24, 2009

Days with alien, epi3 (special edition)-part I

Well, now here is the story regarding to the alien's supervisors that seems to be not innocent at all!!! They (2 lecturers: C.C and SBK), knew that this student (a.k.a da alien) is problematic and received a lot of complains before, but....Yes, BUT... They don't even bother to warn us or inform us anything. WC confronted and talked with SBK regarding to this alien, as in we, those in the labs cannot stand this alien arrogant, and ignorance, plus the everything-put the supervisor's name to scare us. This SBK told WC that we should be more understanding and should guide and teach her slowly. WTF!!! If we are hired specially just to teach, then it's totally a different story, but we are also students and now, SBK expect us to teach and guide and be more understanding?! Hey, come on, if we are suppose to be more understanding for this alien, who will be more understanding for us?! This SBK really talks bull sh*t. Later, in some other time, SBK talked to WC again, regarding to this alien. He mentioned something as in, guys and girls thinks differently. OMG such a lame excuse and statement. Of course, individuals thinks differently. Even guys and guys also can think differently...and brothers and sisters also thinks differently, due to we are called individual and we have variances...What the heck he thought to tell us that guys and girls thinks differently?! He said, they (C.C and SBK) can just finished and solve the problem regarding to the alien in 2 minutes, but we girls cannot seems to solve it even after few days. After I heard that, I was like ' D*mn you, SBK!!!' And do you want to know how he n C.C solved it? They said they will move the alien to next door, with Kmr's lab and the problem solved! I was so f*cking cannot believe it. They thought that already solved the problems? NOT AT ALL! This is because when we asked, if she will ever come back in sbk's lab to do her lab work, the answer was YES, she got the rights to do the lab work in SBK's lab, also she can go over to C.C's to do lab work, plus now she can do lab work in Kmr's lab and uses the utilities in all of these 3 labs. I was so surprise, that this was considered problems solved and case closed. Do you think the case closed? I can ensure you, more problems will aroused, due to this alien is a high maintenance student. This alien will just ruined every lab that IT enters. The more lab IT messed up, the more people will complain about her problems.  And then, why the double standards? This alien is a student, so do me n WC! We are also students and we also did not have such a privilege?! Do you know what C.C said to me? He said, that we need to speaks softly, have to use a soft lay-back  attitude and do not use harsh words towards this alien as in to keep both of us safe? WHY?! Moreover, even C.C mentioned that he don't want to takes in the responsibilities that both me and him are innocent from. So, to get a safety net, he will get sbk together with all those who are working in the lab to get face to face for a lab meeting. I don't mind getting that lab meeting, but I just have a superb strong feeling that the meeting would not have any outcome, and yet, the problems still sticks. This is soooooooooo s*cks. I could not believe that SBK and C. C will get me n WC involved with such a problematic non-earth, extra-terrestrial thingy!!!

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