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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

days with alien, epi3(special edition)-part II

I am so happy to say that my BP getting to become normal again. This is all because both me n WC did not see this alien in the lab since Sunday. Well, maybe I should not celebrate so early...but I just could not help myself. I must share out this good news... :D Oh, ya... the decision to make this special edition into part 1 and part 2 was out of the blue. A sudden breaking news shocked me, and I felt there is this urge for me to spread it out. SBK asked someone from WC's batch to become his part time RA. (Oh, forgot to mention, this WC isn't Val, so, don't mistakenly dragged Val WC is another Lee in the lab). This person, initially thought it was quite an interesting offer as the part time RA duty is just to finish up the remaining lab works from MY's part. It was mentioned that it will involve just PCRs and also sequencing and analyzing of the sequenced results. SBK also said that he wanted to find this person, because he heard from other lecturers that this person is good and trust worthy to be hired as RA. So, SBK is the one approached this person to ask him for the job offer. (Indeed this person has the credibility to be recommended by other lecturers) and....all this Sounds great, right? Who knows, that this SBK might...OK...I mentioned might (cause it have not yet happened, it is all my assumption),  trying to manipulate this person. Why I says so? A few days ago, this person lets name as A, came in and said that it will be confirmed at September. So, both me and WC were like "HUH?" And A mentioned that SBK might require A to do field sampling or will need A as a helper for collecting samples. Well, luckily A was like kind of smart to brush off the topic of transportation involving A, because SBK asked A regarding to A's type of transportation. Of course, A did mentioned that A is driving to Uni, but A quickly react as in, if in field sampling or collecting samples, A will be following SBK. (Which is kind of true, because the lecturer have to provide the transportation, or else, the RA can claim from the lecturer's grant for what the RA had paid for.) After that conversation between A and SBK, A came in and inform us as in September will be the starting month. I was surprised. What I meant that I was surprise? If not because A mentioned that A might have the possibility to become RA with SBK, SBK actually did not even inform me. Ok, fine. Who the hell I am, in a position that he needed to inform or let me know that he will be hiring RA....BUT, he did mentioned to WC and he expect WC to tell me?! And who is the official student that register under his supervision? Ok, I am not showing jealousy, but I am having pity to myself that my supervisor didn't even have the heart to let me know (okok, so do I..... I am also back stabbing him now and I don't even have the interest to inform him regarding my problems!; lets get even!!!) Oh, forgot to mention that, SBK also excountered the alien weirdness. How do I know? Well, my 'bomoh-ship' superior witnessed it when doing some animal tissue culture thingy at the general tissue culture lab. When this alien was doing plant extraction, there will be a lot of steps requiring flicking of microcentrifuge tube to mix. And, well....this alien replied to sbk that she find it hard to use finger to do the flicking. This alien even mentioned to sbk that she just cannot do it(the flicking with finger). So, this alien asked permission to take some tubes to go back home and practise. OMG!!! I am wondering, did she really graduate from B.Sc Biotechnology?! Hmm...coming up next, is internal conflix....... =="

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