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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The day the Uni is shaking!

Well.... My bad, my bad.... That I did not update news regarding to the alien.... But before I start blogging about the alien, I want to blog about special happening at Uni today. What's so special? Erm....While I am checking some email+pet society-ing-restaurant city-ing and also watching video, I suddenly felt my chair was shaking. I happen to ignored it totally, but.... This shaking grew more vigorously until I felt like those words that I am typing and reading were too blurred. I took a look at those buffers on top of the shelf...all are shaking...and so do my water bottle that was just next to the notebook. At this point, I know that this isn't something like over sensitive or imagination. I indeed felt something similiar, when heavy truck/vehicle passed by the Uni for the construction behind. Well...this shaking seems to be not originated from the heavy truck, as I see none from the lab window. Short after I asked WC, if she experienced it, JT came in and asked what's happening, as she felt like the building is agitating. Wow, at least, I have someone came in and exclaimed that she felt the building is agitating. I definitely positive on not having imagination. For whatever reason that is making the building agitating for a while...I guess maybe is still due to the constructions, behind and next to the Uni...... ==" ==" =="

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