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Monday, October 26, 2009

What the heck on earth that's happening....

What the heck on earth that's happening to this father? Read the news....adopted from the star "Dad's blind fury leaves girl blinded" Due to wanted the girl to concentrate on studies, he can just splashed the acids to the mother and daughter? Such an inconsiderate act by the father. I would wonder, what kind of penalty/punishment the father will receive for his act. This just reminds me of something similar that almost happen to me as well, not with acid, but with an axe! Such barbaric act by the father... Hope the girl will have the courages to continue with her life, while accept the fact that her mother was gone leaving she and her brother. What can the father do now? The girl has been blinded permanently and now, how she is going to cope with this disability? On the other hand, I just don't understand what is this stupid Gov is doing. They planned in the budget 2010 that RM 50 service tax will be charged for each credit card...and do you think this is for the 'rakyat' own good? For God's sake, they should have stop to blur the 'rakyat' and treating the 'rakyat' as they are dumb. This isn't the first time that the stupid Gov came out with stupid idea and once again, due to this kind of stupid suggestion, the 'rakyat' has to suffer the consequences.

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