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Sunday, October 4, 2009


WHY ON EARTH THAT ALIEN IN MY LAB EXIST? Ok, I am sorry that I had to use all caps in the above sentence. I just wanted to emphasize that the alien in the lab indeed very very annoying. She even posted in her facebook shout out that how desperately she wanted to get a PhD, so that all the tedious work will be done by some other person; and all the credits belongs to her. (such an arrogant person!) Oh, crap! This alien in the lab doesn't even deserve to get into honours. She will just make all the previously graduated honours students get disgusted by knowing Mon-Uni is getting such a student as honours student! She even complaint that how tired is working lab works and there was this day that she actually worked until pass 6pm, she continuously absent herself for 5 days! I guess she must be claiming that she needed those days for resting... Oh my gosh...if just working for over 6pm is tiring for her; what about us that we work more than 12 hours in the lab? She is just not the material to work in the lab, and I don't seems to understand why that she still want to continue honours. Damn it. bad, my bad...I should have not to judge or comment people in such a way...but I couldn't help it. She is just too annoying. And...did I ever mentioned that everytime she enter the lab and stayed there, the lab will have one kind of  smell that stained and it's awkward... =="

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