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Monday, November 2, 2009

incident that can be avoided?

Read the news about the UTar's students that drowned at the waterfalls. Knew it on sunday night, right after made an update regarding to the news about 3 feared to be drowned, and today early in the morning, all dead body found. Maybe those who felt like this kind of accident is fated, and they felt it was just too coincident and it was their destiny. Well, in my opinion, ok...IT IS my point of view...I do not need readers to agree with what I am saying...... that actually this kind of tragically happened incident can be avoided. Read the news carefully as in the deceased went to swim at around 5pm, and according to villagers, it was just after raining. And it was a common issue in Malaysia that we will have raining seasons at the end of the years, due to monsoon season... At the first place, why needed to go swim at the waterfalls, even after a cold rainy day; plus it was reaching evening-notice that this kind of timing, normally local won't swim there, except for really dry and sunny season, or went to nearby site for insect sampling only. Ask me frankly if I would go to waterfalls 5pm in the evening...DEFINITELY NO. Since I was a kid, I always heard the elders especially my mum told me to avoid waterfalls, during raining seasons, even during evening, and especially when we cannot predict how the water current will be at falls. WHY? Why my mum will always remind the siblings about the dangerous of water current from falls? She herself experienced it. Once, when she was young, around 16 or 17 years old; she went to waterfalls with friends and sisters...when.... all of a sudden, a the water gush from the hill top of the falls, and fortunately, the sisters including my mum were able to climb up to a higher place, and they were trapped at the opposite site of the river bank from the mainland. So, all they could do, were to wait for the water flow to slow down, and they called for help. They waited for almost 2 hours for the help to get way, due to none of the experts dare to cross with the strong current. All of them were saved, and they never did dare to swim at falls, during raining seasons, or even after rained, or when it's entering evening. This sound like a taboo...but it is kind of real that when evening reaches, usually picnickers nearby waterfalls will leave. Whenever we can actually avoid an incident to happened, it can not be called fated, destined or accident. Sometimes, it is because of our failure to take note of personal safety and also friends safety that caused this incident to happened. Not trying to blame the deceased as well as the fourth one that survived the incident; but look deep inside this moral of the story. It caused lives, when we are careless regarding to our safety. Adventure can be fun, but think of the consequences when we want the adventure-do we well prepared for it? Condolences to the deceased family....and also, to those UTarians that happened to still be around at Kampar, do remember that waterfalls are dangerous places, even though the nature and beauty of the falls might made you fall for it. Just bear in mind, observe what the locals usually do... As far as I remember, I do not have friends or family members that are willing to go waterfalls during evening time (even it's hot and sunny day), raining seasons, or rainy day-definitely a NO at the timing of just after raining. Here the police had given out a notice advice to the public for the waterfalls, due to the incident. Oh, I forgotten to mentioned that-usually, waterfalls claims live every now and then, just depending to seasons and also personal awareness. If one is observant enough (or having any common sense), he or she suppose to know when is the right time to avoid waterfalls.



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