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Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 is leaving soon, and 2011 is arriving...
New Year Resolution?
My mind is blank now, with nothing being thought of......
Lets hope tomorrow will be a better day...
and the new year 2011 will be a better year...
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

out of a sudden...

I had nowhere to go, out of a sudden....
I thought I will be going to 1U for lunch time...
I thought I will be going to overnight ...
Things changes....
And here, I had to cook for my lunch and I don't know what to cook.
I just simply mixed up all I could find at the kitchen cabinet and there you go...
Picture 1##### Pic 2#####
I am not at uni, and because I was being told, I need not to accompany to lunch, so I stayed at hm, and I was being told no overnight, so I stayed hm. I also would like to know, if there is IF to know earlier, than I would not anticipate, and so do you.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Forgive me, I am really not aware that tomorrow has been declared for a holiday as M'sia has won the AFF cup over Indon for 4-2.
This morning was a hectic morning. Flu still messing around, and I had to rush to UKM with WC for a day seminar 'National Postgraduate Seminar 2010'.
Well, we did not know the route to UKM from Bdr Sunway, and we roughly estimated the junction and way by browsing google map.
The journey was like full with guessing..... and Thank God that both of us arrived at the CRIM at ukm safely.
Well, having participated as a poster presenter, I had to brought along the A1 size poster and that' done for my job.
Having flu and at the same time needed to be at the seminar hall with full power of air-conditioner on was not good at all for my breathing...
I managed to capture a picture of the seminar hall, and the seminar summary?
Well, it can be consider successful, even though they gave out such a short notice for all the postgraduate. The awards presentation session was entertaining and the lecturer she was good in keeping up with the crowd. The topic wise, I guess it's more from participant from the host, and well it's an experience.
For WC's opinion:- she found out that most of the poster not up to par! hohoho...for those of you whom had seem before, you might know what's her meaning. The presentation in the seminar divided into 2 portion, and the seminar room is way too small to fit other participants whom were interested in the topics presented at seminar room. I were too, disappointed that I could not listen to any of the topics presented at seminar room. There was one more quote of the day that she had said...
"I saw a lot of PCs at ukm" - by WC
Those who wanted to know what is that means....please do not ask me, you got to ask WC... XD
OK, signing off now... tomorrow (31st December 2010) is a Declared Public Holiday by PM, but I will still need to go to lab...and experiments still going on....

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lunch at OldTown white coffee

Being stranded alone, wasn't a bad thing.
Just recover from a fever yesterday, and out of a sudden, I was being dragged / kidnapped to IOI mall Puchong.
Without knowing what to do, while waiting for WC finished her meet up with friends; I just need to find my own activity...
So, Old Town White coffee become the destination for me to take a rest, have my lunch as well as to surf online.
Lunch time.... 12pm-230pm at Old Town White Coffee.....
They had a total of 6 varieties,
1chicken noodles
2javanese mee
3chicken rice
4prawn meehon-mee
5asam laksa
6steam rice with sausage & chicken (20 minutes waiting time...)
served with classic float- 7-up, 7-up revive, pepsi, miranda strawberry...
I had choosen set 6, steamed rice with sausage and chicken... and 7-up float.
The taste?
I like the chicken fillet steamed together with rice. It tasted superb. The chicken fillet so tender with the sausage (well, if the sausage is the real traditional chinese sausage, it should be even tastier).
I do wonder, if Old Town will serve other items, or snack such as chu cheung funn? or porridge?
That will really make a lot, as this is an asian style of coffee shop and franchise, it should be in for consideration.
7-up Float Close-up : Steamed rice with sausage n chicken Steamed rice: yum yum.......XD This was the lunch I had just filling and great!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dinner on Sunday night ^_^

I had delayed this blog, because I had fever and nausea after the car service at ipoh on monday until yesterday.
I wonder, the car service that I had done on Friday, christmas eve, they did not gave me the remaining left over engine oil lubricant. Supposedly, the engine oil lubricant has 4L and usually they will have around 1L left over. Where was the remaining 1L? The car service centre eaten up my 1L engine oil lubricant!!!!
Anyway, I am going to complain to them for not giving me the remaining engine oil lubricant during the next visit, and if the next visit they did not gave me back the engine oil lubricant as well, I think I am considering to change car service centre!
Meanwhile on Sunday night dinner....
At last, I had been to Tualang there for seafood dinner!!!!
Belacan fried 'shu miu' (spicy) Steamed prawns 'rice wine' added in for taste and aroma for fresh prawns
Chilli sauce for the steamed prawns. Superb, espacially the chilli sauce manage to bring out the freshness of the prawns meat!!!! 'Kam Heong' fried crabs. The crabs given were kind of small, would prefer if they got bigger and more flesh crabs. They gave me the name card and behind the card, there's a map on how to reach Luen Fong.
The front view of the name card, you'll know if you had found Luen fong by 2 big prawns picture at the front door.

Ipoh trip

Trip to Ipoh yesterday, althought short, it was great!
When to Kam Wan (金山) Dung GU Teng...
Fried cockles with sauce........ XD Glass noodles soup Ipoh popiah I purposely dipped the Ipoh popiah with the fried cockles sause Hakka "Lui Cha" The soup to pour into the rice to become Hakka Lui Cha
The mixture of the soup and rice....
Check it out.... there's something special came back...for good!!!!!!
(thanks to Ruby for posing the Sundae cones... XD)
It's the twist....vanilla N choc sundae cone!!!!!!!!!!!

List of job(s) done?!

Found a tyre shop near by at Taman Angkasa here to make tyre rotation and balancing. The boss quite good, after he had taken the tyre out, balance, pressure and checking for the ring; he even washed it before fix to the opposite direction as in the front tyre to back and vice versa.
The job done for RM20. I am not too sure if it's cheap or expensive, but at least, I had done with the tyre rotation.
List of job(s):
Hair cut: Done
Tyre rotation: Done
Purchase knitting thread for WC: Done
Add Weng Yew at facebook: Done
Purchase Nippon Paint for front gate: Not done, the shop closed on Public holiday.
Purchase Glutinous rice ball: Not done, needed to find at Tesco...
and to Ipoh : Done (going to post out picture soon)
Amend poster content for seminar: partial (OMG!!! I am gonna be a dead meat soon)
Hopefully, there will be not much changes for the poster, because I really have no idea how will the judging criteria will be... =="
Signing off now to sleep. Felt sleepy.... eyes are lazy and I need to Zzzzz.........
Edited: Oh, today is Boxing Day....
Happy Boxing Day everybody...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas!!! It's Christmas...!!!!

It's Christmas Day....
Born is the King!!!
Attended the Christmas morning service at Kampar Wesley Methodist Church.
Thanks to Anil, for the information that he had sms me.
The church choir group had prepared something special to replace the sermon, and it was indeed splendid! They really had done a great job.
This is a day of joy,
This is a day of mercy,
This is a day to rejoice,
For God has given His mercy,
This is the day of birth,
A son of God is given,
This is the day to repent,
For all our sins been forgiven,
This is the day of Christ,
He is born with us,
He is Christ the Lord,
Our savior and redeemer!!!
*** Let us not to forget, to wish our Lord, Happy Birthday, for today is His day, today is His birthday.........

Friday, December 24, 2010

Car servicing on Christmas eve

Went for car servicing today (Christmas eve) at Jalan Tun Abdul Razak at Ipoh.
The mechanic told me that there was a leakage detected at the coolant tank tubing. I was shocked, as my MyVi kind of steady and good...
According to the mechanic, the tubing called the water inlet, direct channeling the coolant to engine, and the leakage was kind of minor, but for extra caution, he advised me to check the coolant tank once a week, until the water inlet tubing stock arrived.
However, when I was chatting with Bomoh King while waiting for the rain, the mechanic said, they found the stock and they asked me to return to the service centre on Monday to change the water inlet tubing.
Haiz, I need to waste time and petrol again to go up to Ipoh...
But at the same time, I thought of since will be going to Ipoh for the service agian on Monday morning, I msn-ed Bomoh King for a breakfast on Monday morning at Ipoh.... XD
Fortunately, the car still under warranty and the water inlet will be FOC... (am really thank God for the warranty still available...)
Thought of asking them to do tyre rotation for me, but they claimed that they don't do alignment n balancing, so, might be dangerous if they just simply make the rotation...
Got to find a tyre shop again, hopefully can find one tomorrow, for the tyre rotation...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top Korea "吃客"

I am back to hometown...
Went to dinner at a new place at Bandar Baru Kampar called Top Korea "吃客".
I felt the taste of the food is ok, but not up to the expected Korean style foods especially the soup. The taste seems to be like a pack of chilli powder, artificially made.
The pancake would be much more nicer is they can make it slightly thinner in the middle and less flour at the base and a bit crispier... that might get the pancake to taste better.
Seafood onion pancake Hot pan fillet Kimchi smooth tofu soup Korean style fried rice vermicelli with pork
Their nugmeg juice was good, according to my mum. I tried Korean Sour plum juice....the sour plum tasteless, and I can said that juice was like an iced water taste to me.
*** I want to wish everyone to have blessed and joyous Christmas and New Year!!!
"Joy To The World".....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter solstice...冬至....

Winter solstice....
Lengthen night, shorten day....
And Chinese celebrate this as a day of reunion, a family day, a day to get together, a day of getting a year old.....
not to forget to have your bowl of tong yuen (glutinous rice ball)
Small colourful tong yuen.... Tong yuen...yum...yum... I boiled the tong yuen (purchased with black sesame fillings) Going back hometown... and going to boil again...just for the sake to have the tong yuen... lolz... XD

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sayonara Digi 3G...

Forget about Digi, and all the complain regarding to it. I had called Digi centre to resolve the Digi 3G broadband instability and dis-connectivity for N-times and I still not receiving any news yet from Digi. I had decided to put an end for this. I am paying for nothing. I do have WCDMA signal strength after I plug in the USB modem. However, when I had clicked to connect, the connection show 1 bar of HSDPA and gradually the 1 bar is no where to be seen. All I can recall was the connection had failed and I need to reconnect again. I did from time to time, manage to connect and when I clicked to browse or to surf website which has heavy traffic such as facebook, the connection statistic bars were not moving indicating that the connection has failed to establish any data packet exchange, means NO CONNECTION! I found out that Celcom did has their coverage over here at Kota Kemuning. Nonetheless, the coverage is not as ideal as Digi all because Berjaya Park is a Digi Territory area. I tried to register with Celcom and tested the modem and the connection yesterday. The signal strength from celcom is 3G signal. However, during peak hour, the connection dropped to EDGE. There's one thing favour celcom is that even the connection dropped to EDGE, the webpages were still loading in a slower pace. I guess it's better than I have a sudden dis-connectivity getting frustrated for this matter. I am bring the Celcom 3G back to Kampar for a trial as well. Lets hope that the 3G works, even without WCDMA. All I can say is that from the day I had Digi 3G data sim, I had been cheated even I had been given a 4GB quota as compare to the current user- 3GB. The data statistic of surfing a webpage at its peak, can never surpassed 120kbps, even with a package that read 7.2mbps. At least, I can see Celcom surpassed 300kbps when I am in a Celcom territory. So, sayonara Digi 3G... and Digi, you better buckle-up your 3G service, or you had all your customer running away.

Monday, December 20, 2010

delay from purchasing department

I am so damn screwed by this uni purchasing process.
I had submitted a requisition at the 1st week of December, and they has messed up my requisition with the account to spend charges to WC's. I called and send in emails to fixed the matter, and now, another matter arose.
The purchasing department still let the requisition pending and d@mn it, S***thi told me in a @mn slumber tone that, "i had submitted the requisition! what you wan me to do?" WTF!!!!!!
Call that d@mn Mr Goh from purchasing and kick his @ss-lah. What else? I am too fed-up with the school purchasing system to be so independent and always needed to go through the other finance department for approval. and h3ll ya, they told me it's in pending status at their side and they're still holding it. I would like to know, why on earth that this uni needed such a system as it's not appropriate and it's too red tape.
Oh my gosh....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Father God,
Please bless the requisition and the purchasing of the kits and reagents to be smooth. Be it no obstacles and the approval of the requisition to be fasten by Your blessing.
All this I ask and pray in the Lord most precious name Jesus Christ, Amen.
***If the kits and reagent did not came in on time, I will be a dead meat, soon, real soon.... =="

Sunday, December 19, 2010

gel doc down...

Okay, I tell myself to be calm.... calm down... calm down...
The Gel doc image system at level 4 aren't functioning. The slide door of the gel doc imager couldn't be closed and due to this, the imager couldn't function properly.
It's been some time the gel doc at level 4 spoil, it's just because I have not been running any gel electrophoresis; that's why I did not notice.
With 1 more equipment down, what else better that the uni can offer?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Digi Turbo 3G no connectivity at Berjaya Park!!!

I had called Digi Helpline to inquire regarding to the unstable connectivity by Digi 3g broadband at Kota Kemuning.
I had tested the modem by using the Digi 3G broadband at other areas and one of them is Bandar Sunway. After lodging complain to Digi regarding to the disconnectivity at Bandar Sunway, the signal strength and stability of the connection getting better, with at least 3 bar of the HSDPA signal. However, the connectivity at Kota Kemuning is getting worst day by day.
Initial subscription of Digi 3g broadband served almost 100% signal strength every day. The downloading and uploading rate a bit disappointing even from day 1 of the subscription because it did not gave 7.2 mbps speed, only with less than 100 kbps and when connection was good, it will raise up to 120kbps. That's the fastest from the subscription. Well, I know that I am paying 3G for a non-3g speed, but it wasn't my will to subscribe. Berjaya Park Kota Kemuning is claimed to be a digi territory. How do I get to know this? Referring to all my previous post regarding to the internet connection, my brother in law had asked TMnet to install streamyx in the house. However, TMnet staff could not do anything because they do not have the connection at Berjaya Park, and that is a Digi territory. The only way to get a fixed line is through Digi and the only way to get internet connectivity is through Digi as well. Apperantly that time, other telcos signalling at Berjaya Park are quite weak as compare to Digi.
Well, since Berjaya Park is a Digi territory, I did not see any excuse of Digi failing to boost their signal here for 3g broadband. Again, the most ridiculous answer and feedback from DigiHelpline was that Digi is having upgrading. What? Upgrading? With upgrading every now and then, how on earth that the services of bandwith provided is still low with less than 100kbps and Digi is upgrading their service? Liar! When they are doubting whether is my computer is at fault, I told them I had tried using the card in other brand of lappy, in different places and as well as using the same data sim in 3G phone as modem to try the connection. To my disappointment, the disconnectivity still happened. I can be at MSN one moment, and out of a sudden being disconnected and the worst thing is, it won't redial automatically! =="
The signal strength shown when you connect the USB modem is 4 bars WCDMA, and when clicked to connect....the signals shwon 2 bars HSDPA, and when you're waiting patiently for the authenticating.... it suddenly shown FAILED to CONNECT to the REMOTE COMPUTER!
Well, this is Digi 3G service. I could not believe, after so a lot of testimonial of good news regarding Digi broadband being wide spread, and now, they're pulling their leg, showing incapability to handle 3G services, as well as fail to even gave me EDGE signal where 3G coverage is down!
So, Digi, please do not simply gave me reasons like, we're having upgrading services, not downgrading... and we'll look into it and lodge an official networking problem on behalf of you in our network department! I am so sick of it and I want to know, when will you finish investigating of the downgrading service, and when will you buckle up your service back to the 3G that I had subscribed!
I had taken this photo while I am waiting for the connection test. This is a PING test performed while I had the connection instability and did you notice the F*?! It's a total fail for the internet service provider.
I needed the internet connection to surf journals, to send in important email as well as to inquire certain important details from conferences organiser. I had to be at the uni for such facility now and then, even I am paying for Digi 3g broadband!

Friday, December 17, 2010

PTPTN-example offer letter

The PTPTN new offer letter will be as such:
The new offer letter will have details of:-
1. the reason of generating a new offer letter
2. the institution you had studied in when you had applied for the PTPTN loan.
3. your programme in the institution.
4. the level of your study.
5. the sum of the loan by PTPTN.
6. fixed duration for repayment/ your payback time frame.
7. administration fees- fixed at 1% per year X duration of repayment
8. monthly repayment- the amount per month for ??? months starting from the date (1 year later of your graduation)
9. methods of payment:- through LHDN, the treasury of malaysia. (PTPTN reserved the rights to change the methods with a written notice.)
**There is a written clause :
Walau apa pun peruntukan di dalam surat ini, PTPTN berhak meminda syarat-syarat dan terma-terma yang ditetapkan pada bila-bila masa berdasarkan keperluan tertentu dan tuan/puan adalah tertakluk kepada pindaan-pindaan tersebut. PTPTN juga berhak menarik balik tawaran ini tanpa perlu memberi sebarang sebab.
Please bear in mind there are 3 more written letters for giving authority access to your banking infos, kwsp, socso, immigration and etc.
(Authorisation to access LHDN, KWSP, SOCSO, Banks, Other agency regarding to the applicants)
(Authorisation to access wages reduction through the employer of the applicant)
Letter 3: An official form to fill in for letting PTPTN the access for wages reduction.
These will enable the PTPTN to have non-stop access to check your account balance, your working status, your current financial status, your loans and etc.
### If you are having doubts to share these information with the Government and PTPTN, you might need to reconsider the application of 3% to 1%.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

PTPTN 可能是个骗局。

Recently saw a note posted at facebook, showing the real maths behind the theory of 3% to 1% reduction of PTPTN loan.
After such reading, I am having doubt. I had received the soft copy of the documents and I had not fully understood the term and condition. A lot of phrases that needed to have authorization from the applicant to the PTPTN to access.
As a result of this, I am having doubt on how this reduction of 3% to 1% really worked out to ease the burden of borrower.
The new agreement had a clause that forced the applicant to make payment every month and the PTPTN has the authority to access our bank and KSWP for repayment purpose.
The fact that when they (PTPTN) has the authority to access our banking infos and our other details regarding to the income, they can make charges and legal enforcement to make us pay.
The other unfairness to the applicant is the clause that the PTPTN has the rights to increase the percentage of cost from time to time. This will definitely become a big lost to the applicant if the government suddenly announce something like we're having bankruptcy by the year 2019; and the interest rate of PTPTN shoot up to 3% or more.
The other uncertainties are the PTPTN reserved the rights to block the applicants from leaving the country and they has the authority to force the full payment to be done within some certain period if they found out that the applicants has more than enough money to be spend for travelling oversea but resist to repay PTPTN.
Some details of calculation of the interest before and after reduction were shown by some good Samaritan. Credits to the author.
You can find the link here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Oh...due to such a coincidence, we met gingerbread!!!!
WC, Carolyn and I were walking at Sunway Pyramid looking for USB fan at LG2. Out of the blue, we saw one orange mascot, sitting on a bean bag. After such shocking view, we approached the orange mascot and we keep on laughing there, saying 'It's the gingerbread!!! It's the Gingerbread!!! and it's lying on a bean bag!!!' LOLz...
So, we decided to take a short break, forgotten our purpose to look for the USB fan and took some picture with the Gingerbread.
Ginger bread lying on a bean bag!!! ^_^
Gingerbread ready for KungFu fighting...
Once WC reached the Gingerbread, it collapsed...lolz
See the happy Gingerbread.... XD Gingerbread...gingerbread....
At last, we found the USB fan at Living cabin, and purchased it at the very last minute that they were closing their shop. Although it's kind of late, but at least we found what we wanted and thank God, Living Cabin having it at the price that we were hoping for. In fact, initially, it's only Carolyn whom wanted to purchase it, and after some time to look for it, both WC and I felt that we would like to get one for ourselves as well... XD

Monday, December 13, 2010

- Caribbean Cafe -

Still full until now.
That's what I can describe.
I had driven WC to find her friends, because her poor little Kelisa too small to accommodate 6 person including one little kid.
From Sunway to BK 6, and return to Bukit Jalil and to Kuchai Lama then, reached the Caribbean Cafe.
Well, it's not hard to find with all the helps of WC's friends whom stayed nearby.
Once reached, you'll see a large sign board ' Central Spa'...All I wanted to show here was the Caribbean Cafe signboard. (Ignore my poor photography skill)
Caribbean Cafe's slogan, I guess...Got to ask GY if it's true.
The menu's cover page...
Kam Heung's chicken chop with Rice
Cheesy egg Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce
Green Apple Lemonade
There are 3 more drinks that we had ordered, Apple and Orange, Grape Lemonade, and orange juice...but I forgotten to snap the picture...
Nam Yee fried Chicken
Crispy Yam Pear
WC and da gang... lolz
See the little kid, he's eying at the food...
A close up of the little kid's face....
The bill.......
Coincidently today is WC's friend (I can remember the name well, :p) birthday. So we were entitle to get 20% off from the total....
* To enable the birthday discount, the person have to present the Identification card or birth certificate or passport or any other documents that can prove your birth date is on the day you're having at Caribbean Cafe.
Well, overall, WC's friends and her drinks were too sour to drink. All except mine. I guess I am lucky enough to order a drink that's not too sour?!
However, GY got to take note already... hehehe...
The food, mushroom sauce given was too salty... the chicken chop deep fried with flour had already absorbed some salty, and the sauce need not to be so salty as it will cover the chicken's taste.
The Kam heung chicken chop is a new combination for me. Eating the sauce alone was overly salty. I tried to blend the sauce with white rice, to reduce the saltiness, yet I can't bear it. However, I had finished the food as well, because I don't want to waste food.
The Nam Yee fried chicken was good, if we're having beer...that will be a perfect combination.
The yam pear was great. The little kid likes it... lolz...