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Friday, January 29, 2010


Hey, ok, forgive me for the not very nice background. I am still at home, and not much nice scenery available. The evening was raining quite heavily...and some more, I am sweating all the way; so can't walk around to look for a nice place to pose.
Well, I guess this is the only first time, readers, my friends, even my relatives can see me look like this. ^.^ suppose, I guess, I don't think I will dress like this, until don't know when will be the right time. Lolz...
So, uploaded this for all of you to view it. View as long as you want. Hahahaha...
Well...that's all for now....coming next, a surprise for all readers....
ngeh ngeh ngeh....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lucky at Kampar...hahaha

Wow... I am back to Kampar!!! Woooohoooo!!!!
Well, the happiest thing is ... of cos, hugged and play with lucky chai la...
see the cute lovely doggy... hahaha...
Oh....I will try to upload a video of Lucky chai...when the streaming is better.
Now I am back at hometown Kampar, the digi 3G broadband, dropped to only GPRS. I wrote to the digi customer service, mentioning that Kampar is having more and more students, and also residents in Kampar is getting more and more advance. Why they did not bother to upgrade the service? Hey, DIGI, at least, you can upgrade it to EDGE, GPRS is way too would you aspect GPRS kind of streaming nowadays using computer? Think about it, you can widen your territory at Ipoh, why couldn't you widen it at Kampar. Since you had the 3G license, please upgrade!!!
I am urging you, DIGI. It's essential for mobile broadband, and your competitor is really indeed very competitive. They have coverage almost every where for mobile streaming, even though some area might have too congested of streaming traffic. If it's not because at Kota Kemuning Berjaya Park there, I could not have any mobile coverage, I won't take in DIGI into consideration! So, buck up your mobile streaming service, or you'll always the loser, even if you claimed that you aren't, the user know...the user INDEED KNOW!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moron's parking...

Moron's story... Ok... I know I might seems to be too bad, but hey, take a good look at this stupid fella, whom parked a car, out of the parking box, plus...the fella made 2 parking slots unavailable for parking due to the moron's attitude. Check this picture out... The stupid honda driver, parked in such arrogant way... This is a boleh-land, really whatever can be 'boleh'... =="

Monday, January 25, 2010


The JERK 3 is here!!! Ok, here's the latest news from the friend regarding to this JERK. Allow me to show you a short msg chat-credited to the friend W. (The conversation might has a slight changes, to protect the friend W and also to show the readers, how JERKY is this JERK!) Here we go... W: Pls do not ask anything abt me Jerk: Uh, you didn't get it huh.Nvm. W: U r the 1 dun get it.....blah blah blah(a lot more of the negotiation,p&c, according to the friend) Jerk: Now now...don't forget the RM XXX (the amount of money that the jerk owe W) W: So? U must return no matter how... Jerk: Oh yes, there's probably a (Please do take note, on the there's probably a) By reading the last sentence of there's probably a...the JERK already showing the attitude of not going to return you the money, no matter how! OMG!!! Such a jerk, such a jerk...this JERK is really a pollution to the mother earth. Will anyone free to eliminate and clean/clear off this pollutant? I still want to continue live on this earth and for the sake of the human population, I guess this pollutant really need to be totally omitted! Well, came to the fact that this JERK is a total loser, ball-less gay, and also a moron, I guess that he has little knowledge that he is polluting the mother earth. He some how, showing this arrogant attitude as in mentioning that he thought he owe another friend-T's money, and he thought he already returned, even though he actually NOT!!! The this JERK thanks W for reminding him that he might has still owing other people money! Oh, did he really has short/long term memory lost? But how come, he remember that he owe W RM XXX, and used that to remind W not to terminate their friendship just like that. Huh? Who do he think he is? A moron that people will scared due to the stupidity? A ball-less gay that people will scared to see, if he will ever go out the street with a shemale look? A JERK that's totally disgusting whereby people will scared off and continue being cheated by him? Hell ya'. This JERK better do not shown up in front of me, or I will be more than willing to be the person to eliminate him from the earth. (Yes, I am violent, but guess what, this is me!) Oh, I am wondering how this JERK can enter to study in one of the most expensive private university in Malaysia. He always claimed that he got family problem, he borrowed money to study, and his family migrated from another state, because of wanted to escape from money lender... Oh, yeah...He has no money, he loaned for study, but why needed to find such an expensive university? Is it because in those higher class university, he can find rich people to cheat onto? If he really so poor and really has no money, and wanted to continue study; there are a lot more affordable private university and college. Why must choose one of the most expensive? I guess, you and I might be rational and think logically, he is a JERK, he cheat to live, so, it isn't surprise that he wanted to enter such university. Oh, bear in mind that he isn't sponsored or having any scholarship, he loaned...ok..., loaned for more than RM120K-estimation only. However, if he can cheat, I am sure to loan that huge amount can easily prey for victim to sympathise him, for a JERK is very good in acting pity. Oh, a JERK also easily thought that he is cool, handsome and girls easily falling for them, due to their charm. (Blek...Ok, I am vomiting, this JERK handsome? I guess you won't even want to be friend with him, if not because of pity on him. This JERK cool? C'mon, ask him learn from cool guru, what's called play cool, and real cool. Even his name already so JERKY, so sorry to say, but where got people said, my name is 'ying chun that chun'-pronounce it in cantonese, you'll know the name. All I can say, sorry for my rudeness, ask him Go To Hell! I frankly telling readers that this JERK is real. And he is still preying for victims. Still using the same old method, using family background as an excuse, using the father robbed him as an excuse, using your kind-hearted as the stage ground, using your money for his living, using your sympathy as the tool, and using all of you, as the way to live! I will update, if there's any news regarding to this JERK. But, hopefully, not. Because hearing updates regarding to the JERK, meaning that the JERK still existing, meaning that the JERK still preying on you, and meaning that you are still a victim of the JERK. If the JERK is reading this, GET LOST, YOU JERK!!! Oh, he indeed know English, wow, so educated, but still a moron, still a ball-less gay, and still so narrow-minded, and is a TOTAL JERK!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

JERK(part2)'s the JERK story.... Mentioning that he owned a MyVi, his car never been towed off...Wondering why? Meaning you pay to the bank, punctually. Lets say, he did not have the money, all his money robbed by his father, where did he get the money to pay for installment? Do the bank will nicely wait for you to owe them more than 6 months? If you happened to know such a nice bank, do let me know, I would want to go for loan as well! Well, came to the story that he wanted to ask his friend for movie. This JERK purposely mentioned that he got free tickets for AVATAR and asked this friend, W, to watch it with him. Well, W said that she was not interested in the kind of movie and kindly rejected the offer to watch the movie. This JERK, ok, for me, he is a total moron and a superbly King of JERK, said to W that she only watch movie with labmates. Woo.....smells like jealousy? If your normal friend just kindly reject you for he/she is not interested in those kind of movie, you won't felt anything but to look for other friend who might have the interest to watch? Correct? Well, this shown that this JERK might thought that W is owned by him as well? Hmm....(I let it open for readers to figure out) Oh...then according to the JERK's ex-friend...(well, purposely want to put it clearly is an EX-Friend) this JERK is very narrow-minded and niggard. The JERK will easily agitated when he found out that you left him out in any activity. He constantly harras you via msn or sms, asking the whereabout and the life of a particular person that he wanted to know. (C'mon, if you wanted to know, and you are a friend with the person, just as he/she; why needed to go around the bush? Oh, because of liking the person, and do not have the guts to express it? Such ball-less act...ok, BALL-LESS). He totally do not felt that his JERKY attitude is a harassment. Hahaha...I forgot to mentioned that how terrible is he when you asked him along for photography. The JERK's ex-friend was just being nice to ask him for a photography together as it was their graduation day; but...A JERK is really a JERK, never change. He participants in the photo really showed like he was just a by stander who happened to be coincidently captured in the photo. This was not the first time. He had this weirdo attitude, that he said he would not takes photograph. Oh, who do he think he is? Chow Yun Fatt in Mark gor movies? Bullshit, ask him to go to hell. (I am not saying Mark gor, but this JERK!!!) Well, since he reject to take photograph, then the friend asked him to help to click the camera...Do you know what is called 'hak mian shen' in cantonese? His face is even darker, blacker than Justice Bao!!! sorry to say, but his tanned look isn't cool like Mark gor, and he felt that his weirdo attitude is cool. C'mon, if he did not know how to spell shame in English, I am sure he know how to write it in Mandarin; but due to he is a JERK, I guess he just felt shame is great, shame is grand, shame is magnificent!!! Don't you think so? Ok, recently receive the latest news regarding to this JERK. The friend's friend receiving sms harassment. And the friend-W was threatened... How? Why? What? When? Where? More to come, JERK part 3....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

JERK (part1)

Ok... Here's a story of a total jerk... You may not know him, I do not know him as well...I only met him twice because of a friend...but his behaviour told me he is a JERK, when I see this JERK... Ok, lets get serious... Here the story begins.... (I apologise, if I uses your names initial (one letter), and also borrowed your story for my blog...It's just this story is worth to share, for people to avoid JERK, especially this kind of JERK!!!) There are this group of friends, I cannot assure how close they are, but they indeed accepted each other very well; partially maybe due to this, the JERK is comfortably inside this group without much rejection. This JERK however, shown very disgrace attitude towards whatever that the group of friends doings. This JERK can be superbly moody, when you objected him one tiny issue, which was like not an issue at all. For example: When another friend who is not close with this JERK having a party, and requested for not calling the JERK, because he is too JERKY...and the JERK found, he would not blame for the person who particularly want to isolate him. The JERK put the blame onto the rest of the friends attending the party, for not telling him. Wow...what do this JERK thought he was? Well, this JERK also thought it is the friend's responsibility to inform him for any activities. This JERK is so narrow-minded that he felt like there should be no activity being organise without him. For once, the groups of friends left him, because he is having official matter and they left for lunch. When the group came back, packing the lunch, the JERK just went out of control He put the blame to all, as they did not bother to wait for him, but c'mon, his official matter finished 2 hours later, and the groups of friends needed to continue with their class. Such childish attitude from the JERK. Because of this, the JERK make his own disclaim that the groups of friends disowned him. Wow...(ok, another wow) Would you think like this, when you face the same issue? Rationally, the friend made the correct move to go for lunch without the JERK, as in, needed to wait for another 2 hours? The friends also kindly offer him the food packed from the lunch. It's just his egoistic and ignorance that making him to refuse. Coming to another issue... The JERK borrow money to go for holiday? Hey, do you borrow money from your friend to go for holiday that you cannot afford? Frankly speaking, I will weigh my own pocket...If I cannot afford, why still want to go ahead? It will only create burdens after the holiday, and you won't enjoy the holiday much, because you are borrowing friends' money for your holiday... ERM....This does not happen to a JERK's mind. The JERK will just wallop whatever chance to get him a fortune. Oh, and don't forget, JERK will always show how pity they are to get your sympathise. You thought his sad stories are genuine? Think again. The JERK uses his family problem as a background. Create false alarm for his friends that he had a terrible family. The father particularly. This JERK claimed that his father taken all his savings for the holiday from his account, and the JERK left without a penny for living. So, this JERK asked a friend's help, to borrow a few hundred to spend for the holiday that they had planned. Oh...the asking for money for holiday did not just happened recently...This JERK had already asked another friend who's from the same group for money to go holiday as well. Huh? Isn't that so coincidence? When it arrived to the holiday due date, the JERK suddenly is broke, and have no more money. But...wait..but...This JERK has the MONEY to buy PSP player and visit cyber cafe for online games! Oh, this is so called left without a single penny for holiday. Do the JERK work? Oh, yeah, you bet, He is indeed working, and his salary might be more than yours or mine. Hmm, but why do this JERK still borrow money? Oh, the JERK self proclaim that his money robbed my his own father and his father did not pay his house rent for 6 months. He needs to settle debts and the savings of his cannot cover all, that's why need to borrow money for holiday... OH...NO... Don't have the money and still want to proceed for a holiday? Ok, fine...the friends are kind enough to believe all the JERK's lies and there you go...the JERK happily cheated on you guys again... Well...the story did not here... The JERK said he is going to move out. He do not have any single penny to pay for house rent. He is going to send his father back to his hometown...Oh...such a sad story... No play to stay, no place to hang on, no family member, no love... The JERK keep on playing on your symphatise. This time, he is asking you for not demanding him to pay back, he do not have the money to pay rent. He do not have any idea on where to stay at... Oh, did I ever mentioned that This JERK owned a MyVi? If he self proclaim that he is so broke, where do he get the money for PSP, cyber cafe, and paying the installment for his MyVi? Pardon? Pardon? He borrow money? He actually has the money, only that he is just playing broke? He is even richer than you or his bank account....? Haha...oh I see... It's all because he's a JERK...isn't he? More to come...JERK part 2...

Friday, January 22, 2010

D News

Read in a recent news that Kampar has numerous house burglary and the police said that they had nabbed the gang. Wow, nowadays, Kampar is no more peaceful and harmony place. This hometown of ours seems to be like getting polluted day by day. Firstly by students. I am not saying that all KTAR and UTAR, but there are minorities from them that created chaos and trouble. Why did I said so? My mum always complain that the students are very noisy, even during wee hours..... There has been numerous time that you will see these students walking loitering at the roadside, passing by residential area with making loud noise while everyone is having their sleep, and some of them, just did not even know what is called respect to the local resident. My mum wake up at 4am everyday, to pack up items for the morning market traders to sell. So, she know it quite well. Before the timing for her to wake up, usually there will be loud noise of people walking, mostly sounded like teenagers, but she take a look outside, all of them wearing the college or the university's t-shirt. Speaking loudly and when my mum ask them to talk softer, it's waking everyone up, the just don't fucking bother. Wow, such ignorance! Then, you will see them changing the local culture...I am not saying that changes is not good..., but should have to see how far the changes will cost the local. Food and beverage at Kampar, now matching the standard price at city such at K.L. Why, why?Such a small place, whereby 2 years ago, I can still get a bowl of Pan Mee at Rm2.20, and now risen to RM 3.80? Is this logic? Outsiders came in, and grab this as a great opportunity to earn fast money, as it is so called easy to earn students money. Take a check at those Bandar Baru kopitiam, most of those stalls are actually operated by outsiders from Ipoh, Tapah, and a lot more. I am not saying that it's not allowable,they are just business person who seek place that can make them profit. But what about the local? The so called craziness of price hiking is making us pay double! When people need to earn more to pay more for food, living.... There come crimes...due to the demand!!! If the authority care, if the government care, why there's not consideration for the local? What is called 1 Malaysia?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do they really have the suspect?

" Police now believe the arson attack on Metro Tabernacle Church in Desa Melawati has been solved." (TheStar newspaper,21012010) They(The police) only calling them the suspect, and not even names or whatsoever exposed, and they believe it had been solved? Oh, what a bullshit statement issued, and how would they called it, solved? Usually, news will covered the name of the suspect, unless the suspect is underage, or at least, the news will cover the race of the group of so call types of people in Malaysia. But, not in this news. Why? I guess you and I know. However, the police should be transparent.They should let the people know. And I believe not all that categorized in that group is as fanatic as those being held as suspect. Anyhow, the more the police tried to cover, and also the more that the media did not try to expose, the more it shown that this country has no freedom in speech and no freedom in press. It will shown to the rest of the world that what that is called democracy in this country is so fake and such a shame, that this country dare to claim so. Release us for our freedom, do not trap us in the so-called democracy, but we can hardly seen any of it existing. Everything have to put in quota, everything have to put in percentage, everything have to group... how will it be called democracy?


HAhaHAha... Credit to bomoh King and Hui Min, got this link to do something called avatarize yourself. Just upload a picture, then folo simple instruction and Navi look....kakakaka... Try it yourself today...lolz... :D

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wow!!! Avatar....

Wow!!! At last, watched Avatar (not a 3D), but it's satisfying. The sceneries created for the movie were it's such a place that beyond imagination. How nice of the creatures and the ecosystems that are made to live as one... Well, luckily I managed to kidnap Woon Ching to watch it with me, before it will be off from cinema anytime soon...because the festive season is around the corner...cinema will be congested with lots of festive season movies... (i guess). But, I had get myself wrong, as I thought Monday as a weekday won't be having many peoples going for a movie...but, the Avatar 3D version, Sherlock Holmes, Tiger Wohoo all sold out for the whole day today! Wow! I couldn't believe it!!! Anyhow, no regret getting this movie watched in the cinema. It's worth for it. No wonder my friends keep on suggesting this movie to me. I could have imagine if watching this in a 3D version, the effect should be superbly nice...but not for those who will be easily headache due to fast motion...lolz... If the person is reading this right now, I am sure, pretty much sure, the person knew, whom am I referring it to. Kakakaka....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Early morning yesterday, I asked a friend, WC- to miss call me, and then I need to make my way to Puchong (Bandar Bukit Puchong). Why? I had promised Irene to go over and then to take some shoe that she will be borrowing to me. Arrived at the Kopitiam that her mum is selling...the name is something like The Popular food court... Immediately after that, Irene's suggested to try on the King's mee... so..I indeed taken it, and delicious... lolz After much chit chatting...I left the Kopitiam around late lunch time, and driving to BK5 to look for WoonChing. Who knows, when I don't really have the plan of where to have lunch...The fish head Noodles suddenly came to my mind. There we go...Taman Desa for the fish head noodles...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kenny Rogers wear red promo

Yesterday, it was a wear RED day for Kenny Rogers. We went over to eat at Kenny Rogers during dinner time, it was buy one quarter meal, free one quarter meal. Such a great deal, that Alfred, LiLian, YanQi, WoonChing and me cant resist and we head on for it. 6 plates of quarter meal, plus 2 glass of 100plus on the table, and it cost us less than RM 70 in a total! Fuyoh....this was my very first time seeing a bill from Kenny Rogers a meal for 6 people cost less than RM 100. (This mean...Kenny Rogers did charge quite expensive for their meal. This is wholly my opinion. If you felt that Kenny Rogers is cheap because you earn more than 10k permonth and you don't even need to think when spending; that's your ability, not mine.) Well...the only thing that's very obvious when the offer such a deal was, the chicken portion shrink as well. I can notice the size of the chicken served a way smaller than the normal day time, when you had to pay RM 15.9 (without tax) for the quarter meal. But can't complain much, as it was a fair deal; such buy 1 free 1 promotion. What else can we ask for?!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KTV session-Redbox The Garden are more updates of meet up with friends. We went to KTV at rebbox Garden. Why we want to go redbox garden, when there is a nearer at Sunway? In the last previous visit, we encounter a very bad experience with the service provided by redbox sunway. Hence, we decided to return to rebbox garden, even if we have to fork out a little bit more, but the set lunch plus the salad buffet provided by them are satisfying. Who cares so much about the food, when all we wanted to focus is the KTV session... Well, here's one interesting video...just for the 'Tai Ko' while he's singing Jacky Cheung's - 你最珍贵. Eric Chhye...this video purposely upload for your view. Hahaha...

Monday, January 11, 2010

what is the island next to singapore ?

haha.... we had this video, thanks to me....
the question asked in the video by Weng Kit (What's the island next to Singapore?)
the answer?
u better ask Weng Kit...lolz...
So sorry friends, I had made this video available to all

New Year, New Blog

I hate to say, but I am thinking to make a little switching from wordpress to blogger. Due to some circumstance. So sorry for friends, who are keeping your support to read, do find your update over here. I still have no idea yet, how to export the comments from wordpress to blogger. I still need some time. I found it kind of hard, to make this switch a success.
I would like to still keep the wordpress, though. So, here am I, having this running.
Good to blog again.
Soon, will have uploads of friends singing at well as previous video during a friend's wedding dinner.
See ya...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thank you

It's been some time, that I did not write up. I did not have that passion, to keep this up, for quite some time. I had to say, that I appreciate the time with my friends; thank you very much for taking and spending your time with us. The culture to meet up and have a small gathering to keep us all in touch is very essential as we get older, we will realise that we have less friends. Thank you for coming out today, thank you for such a great day, thank you for such a memorable activity, thank you for sharing your story, thank you for the planning of next activity, thank you for your presence here.