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Friday, January 22, 2010

D News

Read in a recent news that Kampar has numerous house burglary and the police said that they had nabbed the gang. Wow, nowadays, Kampar is no more peaceful and harmony place. This hometown of ours seems to be like getting polluted day by day. Firstly by students. I am not saying that all KTAR and UTAR, but there are minorities from them that created chaos and trouble. Why did I said so? My mum always complain that the students are very noisy, even during wee hours..... There has been numerous time that you will see these students walking loitering at the roadside, passing by residential area with making loud noise while everyone is having their sleep, and some of them, just did not even know what is called respect to the local resident. My mum wake up at 4am everyday, to pack up items for the morning market traders to sell. So, she know it quite well. Before the timing for her to wake up, usually there will be loud noise of people walking, mostly sounded like teenagers, but she take a look outside, all of them wearing the college or the university's t-shirt. Speaking loudly and when my mum ask them to talk softer, it's waking everyone up, the just don't fucking bother. Wow, such ignorance! Then, you will see them changing the local culture...I am not saying that changes is not good..., but should have to see how far the changes will cost the local. Food and beverage at Kampar, now matching the standard price at city such at K.L. Why, why?Such a small place, whereby 2 years ago, I can still get a bowl of Pan Mee at Rm2.20, and now risen to RM 3.80? Is this logic? Outsiders came in, and grab this as a great opportunity to earn fast money, as it is so called easy to earn students money. Take a check at those Bandar Baru kopitiam, most of those stalls are actually operated by outsiders from Ipoh, Tapah, and a lot more. I am not saying that it's not allowable,they are just business person who seek place that can make them profit. But what about the local? The so called craziness of price hiking is making us pay double! When people need to earn more to pay more for food, living.... There come crimes...due to the demand!!! If the authority care, if the government care, why there's not consideration for the local? What is called 1 Malaysia?

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