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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do they really have the suspect?

" Police now believe the arson attack on Metro Tabernacle Church in Desa Melawati has been solved." (TheStar newspaper,21012010) They(The police) only calling them the suspect, and not even names or whatsoever exposed, and they believe it had been solved? Oh, what a bullshit statement issued, and how would they called it, solved? Usually, news will covered the name of the suspect, unless the suspect is underage, or at least, the news will cover the race of the group of so call types of people in Malaysia. But, not in this news. Why? I guess you and I know. However, the police should be transparent.They should let the people know. And I believe not all that categorized in that group is as fanatic as those being held as suspect. Anyhow, the more the police tried to cover, and also the more that the media did not try to expose, the more it shown that this country has no freedom in speech and no freedom in press. It will shown to the rest of the world that what that is called democracy in this country is so fake and such a shame, that this country dare to claim so. Release us for our freedom, do not trap us in the so-called democracy, but we can hardly seen any of it existing. Everything have to put in quota, everything have to put in percentage, everything have to group... how will it be called democracy?

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