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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Early morning yesterday, I asked a friend, WC- to miss call me, and then I need to make my way to Puchong (Bandar Bukit Puchong). Why? I had promised Irene to go over and then to take some shoe that she will be borrowing to me. Arrived at the Kopitiam that her mum is selling...the name is something like The Popular food court... Immediately after that, Irene's suggested to try on the King's mee... so..I indeed taken it, and delicious... lolz After much chit chatting...I left the Kopitiam around late lunch time, and driving to BK5 to look for WoonChing. Who knows, when I don't really have the plan of where to have lunch...The fish head Noodles suddenly came to my mind. There we go...Taman Desa for the fish head noodles...

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