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Saturday, January 23, 2010

JERK (part1)

Ok... Here's a story of a total jerk... You may not know him, I do not know him as well...I only met him twice because of a friend...but his behaviour told me he is a JERK, when I see this JERK... Ok, lets get serious... Here the story begins.... (I apologise, if I uses your names initial (one letter), and also borrowed your story for my blog...It's just this story is worth to share, for people to avoid JERK, especially this kind of JERK!!!) There are this group of friends, I cannot assure how close they are, but they indeed accepted each other very well; partially maybe due to this, the JERK is comfortably inside this group without much rejection. This JERK however, shown very disgrace attitude towards whatever that the group of friends doings. This JERK can be superbly moody, when you objected him one tiny issue, which was like not an issue at all. For example: When another friend who is not close with this JERK having a party, and requested for not calling the JERK, because he is too JERKY...and the JERK found, he would not blame for the person who particularly want to isolate him. The JERK put the blame onto the rest of the friends attending the party, for not telling him. Wow...what do this JERK thought he was? Well, this JERK also thought it is the friend's responsibility to inform him for any activities. This JERK is so narrow-minded that he felt like there should be no activity being organise without him. For once, the groups of friends left him, because he is having official matter and they left for lunch. When the group came back, packing the lunch, the JERK just went out of control He put the blame to all, as they did not bother to wait for him, but c'mon, his official matter finished 2 hours later, and the groups of friends needed to continue with their class. Such childish attitude from the JERK. Because of this, the JERK make his own disclaim that the groups of friends disowned him. Wow...(ok, another wow) Would you think like this, when you face the same issue? Rationally, the friend made the correct move to go for lunch without the JERK, as in, needed to wait for another 2 hours? The friends also kindly offer him the food packed from the lunch. It's just his egoistic and ignorance that making him to refuse. Coming to another issue... The JERK borrow money to go for holiday? Hey, do you borrow money from your friend to go for holiday that you cannot afford? Frankly speaking, I will weigh my own pocket...If I cannot afford, why still want to go ahead? It will only create burdens after the holiday, and you won't enjoy the holiday much, because you are borrowing friends' money for your holiday... ERM....This does not happen to a JERK's mind. The JERK will just wallop whatever chance to get him a fortune. Oh, and don't forget, JERK will always show how pity they are to get your sympathise. You thought his sad stories are genuine? Think again. The JERK uses his family problem as a background. Create false alarm for his friends that he had a terrible family. The father particularly. This JERK claimed that his father taken all his savings for the holiday from his account, and the JERK left without a penny for living. So, this JERK asked a friend's help, to borrow a few hundred to spend for the holiday that they had planned. Oh...the asking for money for holiday did not just happened recently...This JERK had already asked another friend who's from the same group for money to go holiday as well. Huh? Isn't that so coincidence? When it arrived to the holiday due date, the JERK suddenly is broke, and have no more money. But...wait..but...This JERK has the MONEY to buy PSP player and visit cyber cafe for online games! Oh, this is so called left without a single penny for holiday. Do the JERK work? Oh, yeah, you bet, He is indeed working, and his salary might be more than yours or mine. Hmm, but why do this JERK still borrow money? Oh, the JERK self proclaim that his money robbed my his own father and his father did not pay his house rent for 6 months. He needs to settle debts and the savings of his cannot cover all, that's why need to borrow money for holiday... OH...NO... Don't have the money and still want to proceed for a holiday? Ok, fine...the friends are kind enough to believe all the JERK's lies and there you go...the JERK happily cheated on you guys again... Well...the story did not here... The JERK said he is going to move out. He do not have any single penny to pay for house rent. He is going to send his father back to his hometown...Oh...such a sad story... No play to stay, no place to hang on, no family member, no love... The JERK keep on playing on your symphatise. This time, he is asking you for not demanding him to pay back, he do not have the money to pay rent. He do not have any idea on where to stay at... Oh, did I ever mentioned that This JERK owned a MyVi? If he self proclaim that he is so broke, where do he get the money for PSP, cyber cafe, and paying the installment for his MyVi? Pardon? Pardon? He borrow money? He actually has the money, only that he is just playing broke? He is even richer than you or his bank account....? Haha...oh I see... It's all because he's a JERK...isn't he? More to come...JERK part 2...

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Y zam L said...

Totally a good summary of that jerk which I know who he is.. wahahaha but fear not the very essence of this jerk has been immortalized in this blog :P