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Sunday, January 24, 2010

JERK(part2)'s the JERK story.... Mentioning that he owned a MyVi, his car never been towed off...Wondering why? Meaning you pay to the bank, punctually. Lets say, he did not have the money, all his money robbed by his father, where did he get the money to pay for installment? Do the bank will nicely wait for you to owe them more than 6 months? If you happened to know such a nice bank, do let me know, I would want to go for loan as well! Well, came to the story that he wanted to ask his friend for movie. This JERK purposely mentioned that he got free tickets for AVATAR and asked this friend, W, to watch it with him. Well, W said that she was not interested in the kind of movie and kindly rejected the offer to watch the movie. This JERK, ok, for me, he is a total moron and a superbly King of JERK, said to W that she only watch movie with labmates. Woo.....smells like jealousy? If your normal friend just kindly reject you for he/she is not interested in those kind of movie, you won't felt anything but to look for other friend who might have the interest to watch? Correct? Well, this shown that this JERK might thought that W is owned by him as well? Hmm....(I let it open for readers to figure out) Oh...then according to the JERK's ex-friend...(well, purposely want to put it clearly is an EX-Friend) this JERK is very narrow-minded and niggard. The JERK will easily agitated when he found out that you left him out in any activity. He constantly harras you via msn or sms, asking the whereabout and the life of a particular person that he wanted to know. (C'mon, if you wanted to know, and you are a friend with the person, just as he/she; why needed to go around the bush? Oh, because of liking the person, and do not have the guts to express it? Such ball-less act...ok, BALL-LESS). He totally do not felt that his JERKY attitude is a harassment. Hahaha...I forgot to mentioned that how terrible is he when you asked him along for photography. The JERK's ex-friend was just being nice to ask him for a photography together as it was their graduation day; but...A JERK is really a JERK, never change. He participants in the photo really showed like he was just a by stander who happened to be coincidently captured in the photo. This was not the first time. He had this weirdo attitude, that he said he would not takes photograph. Oh, who do he think he is? Chow Yun Fatt in Mark gor movies? Bullshit, ask him to go to hell. (I am not saying Mark gor, but this JERK!!!) Well, since he reject to take photograph, then the friend asked him to help to click the camera...Do you know what is called 'hak mian shen' in cantonese? His face is even darker, blacker than Justice Bao!!! sorry to say, but his tanned look isn't cool like Mark gor, and he felt that his weirdo attitude is cool. C'mon, if he did not know how to spell shame in English, I am sure he know how to write it in Mandarin; but due to he is a JERK, I guess he just felt shame is great, shame is grand, shame is magnificent!!! Don't you think so? Ok, recently receive the latest news regarding to this JERK. The friend's friend receiving sms harassment. And the friend-W was threatened... How? Why? What? When? Where? More to come, JERK part 3....

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