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Monday, January 25, 2010


The JERK 3 is here!!! Ok, here's the latest news from the friend regarding to this JERK. Allow me to show you a short msg chat-credited to the friend W. (The conversation might has a slight changes, to protect the friend W and also to show the readers, how JERKY is this JERK!) Here we go... W: Pls do not ask anything abt me Jerk: Uh, you didn't get it huh.Nvm. W: U r the 1 dun get it.....blah blah blah(a lot more of the negotiation,p&c, according to the friend) Jerk: Now now...don't forget the RM XXX (the amount of money that the jerk owe W) W: So? U must return no matter how... Jerk: Oh yes, there's probably a (Please do take note, on the there's probably a) By reading the last sentence of there's probably a...the JERK already showing the attitude of not going to return you the money, no matter how! OMG!!! Such a jerk, such a jerk...this JERK is really a pollution to the mother earth. Will anyone free to eliminate and clean/clear off this pollutant? I still want to continue live on this earth and for the sake of the human population, I guess this pollutant really need to be totally omitted! Well, came to the fact that this JERK is a total loser, ball-less gay, and also a moron, I guess that he has little knowledge that he is polluting the mother earth. He some how, showing this arrogant attitude as in mentioning that he thought he owe another friend-T's money, and he thought he already returned, even though he actually NOT!!! The this JERK thanks W for reminding him that he might has still owing other people money! Oh, did he really has short/long term memory lost? But how come, he remember that he owe W RM XXX, and used that to remind W not to terminate their friendship just like that. Huh? Who do he think he is? A moron that people will scared due to the stupidity? A ball-less gay that people will scared to see, if he will ever go out the street with a shemale look? A JERK that's totally disgusting whereby people will scared off and continue being cheated by him? Hell ya'. This JERK better do not shown up in front of me, or I will be more than willing to be the person to eliminate him from the earth. (Yes, I am violent, but guess what, this is me!) Oh, I am wondering how this JERK can enter to study in one of the most expensive private university in Malaysia. He always claimed that he got family problem, he borrowed money to study, and his family migrated from another state, because of wanted to escape from money lender... Oh, yeah...He has no money, he loaned for study, but why needed to find such an expensive university? Is it because in those higher class university, he can find rich people to cheat onto? If he really so poor and really has no money, and wanted to continue study; there are a lot more affordable private university and college. Why must choose one of the most expensive? I guess, you and I might be rational and think logically, he is a JERK, he cheat to live, so, it isn't surprise that he wanted to enter such university. Oh, bear in mind that he isn't sponsored or having any scholarship, he loaned...ok..., loaned for more than RM120K-estimation only. However, if he can cheat, I am sure to loan that huge amount can easily prey for victim to sympathise him, for a JERK is very good in acting pity. Oh, a JERK also easily thought that he is cool, handsome and girls easily falling for them, due to their charm. (Blek...Ok, I am vomiting, this JERK handsome? I guess you won't even want to be friend with him, if not because of pity on him. This JERK cool? C'mon, ask him learn from cool guru, what's called play cool, and real cool. Even his name already so JERKY, so sorry to say, but where got people said, my name is 'ying chun that chun'-pronounce it in cantonese, you'll know the name. All I can say, sorry for my rudeness, ask him Go To Hell! I frankly telling readers that this JERK is real. And he is still preying for victims. Still using the same old method, using family background as an excuse, using the father robbed him as an excuse, using your kind-hearted as the stage ground, using your money for his living, using your sympathy as the tool, and using all of you, as the way to live! I will update, if there's any news regarding to this JERK. But, hopefully, not. Because hearing updates regarding to the JERK, meaning that the JERK still existing, meaning that the JERK still preying on you, and meaning that you are still a victim of the JERK. If the JERK is reading this, GET LOST, YOU JERK!!! Oh, he indeed know English, wow, so educated, but still a moron, still a ball-less gay, and still so narrow-minded, and is a TOTAL JERK!

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