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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kenny Rogers wear red promo

Yesterday, it was a wear RED day for Kenny Rogers. We went over to eat at Kenny Rogers during dinner time, it was buy one quarter meal, free one quarter meal. Such a great deal, that Alfred, LiLian, YanQi, WoonChing and me cant resist and we head on for it. 6 plates of quarter meal, plus 2 glass of 100plus on the table, and it cost us less than RM 70 in a total! Fuyoh....this was my very first time seeing a bill from Kenny Rogers a meal for 6 people cost less than RM 100. (This mean...Kenny Rogers did charge quite expensive for their meal. This is wholly my opinion. If you felt that Kenny Rogers is cheap because you earn more than 10k permonth and you don't even need to think when spending; that's your ability, not mine.) Well...the only thing that's very obvious when the offer such a deal was, the chicken portion shrink as well. I can notice the size of the chicken served a way smaller than the normal day time, when you had to pay RM 15.9 (without tax) for the quarter meal. But can't complain much, as it was a fair deal; such buy 1 free 1 promotion. What else can we ask for?!

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