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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KTV session-Redbox The Garden are more updates of meet up with friends. We went to KTV at rebbox Garden. Why we want to go redbox garden, when there is a nearer at Sunway? In the last previous visit, we encounter a very bad experience with the service provided by redbox sunway. Hence, we decided to return to rebbox garden, even if we have to fork out a little bit more, but the set lunch plus the salad buffet provided by them are satisfying. Who cares so much about the food, when all we wanted to focus is the KTV session... Well, here's one interesting video...just for the 'Tai Ko' while he's singing Jacky Cheung's - 你最珍贵. Eric Chhye...this video purposely upload for your view. Hahaha...

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