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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lucky at Kampar...hahaha

Wow... I am back to Kampar!!! Woooohoooo!!!!
Well, the happiest thing is ... of cos, hugged and play with lucky chai la...
see the cute lovely doggy... hahaha...
Oh....I will try to upload a video of Lucky chai...when the streaming is better.
Now I am back at hometown Kampar, the digi 3G broadband, dropped to only GPRS. I wrote to the digi customer service, mentioning that Kampar is having more and more students, and also residents in Kampar is getting more and more advance. Why they did not bother to upgrade the service? Hey, DIGI, at least, you can upgrade it to EDGE, GPRS is way too would you aspect GPRS kind of streaming nowadays using computer? Think about it, you can widen your territory at Ipoh, why couldn't you widen it at Kampar. Since you had the 3G license, please upgrade!!!
I am urging you, DIGI. It's essential for mobile broadband, and your competitor is really indeed very competitive. They have coverage almost every where for mobile streaming, even though some area might have too congested of streaming traffic. If it's not because at Kota Kemuning Berjaya Park there, I could not have any mobile coverage, I won't take in DIGI into consideration! So, buck up your mobile streaming service, or you'll always the loser, even if you claimed that you aren't, the user know...the user INDEED KNOW!!!

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