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Saturday, February 27, 2010

260210....outing day part1

Yesterday, we had this meet up and who we had the meet up?
It's WC's coursemates-TY and VV.
Well, we had no idea on where to go, and lastly, we stucked at Sunway Pyramid again. Yes, Pyramid again. No surprise at all....
Since we don't know what to get for teatime, TY suggested 'MyHoneyMoon dessert' as the destination...
While waiting for the ordering, we saw the Sunway Pyramid mascot, wearing the 'Choi Shen' headgear walking around. I found it's kinda cute, so, rushed upon and request the mascot to stop for a photo.
Who knows, the mascot even make a pose for the photographing... lolz...Check it out...
Haha....(I likes the mascot posing like this.... :D)
Here we go... the desserts!!!
Special menu for valentine's Almond+black sesame Marble+normal to fu fah Durian pancake....

Friday, February 26, 2010

When boringness struck in the lab...

Oh, well....
Here is another thing one will do....
When felt boring in the lab....
and Need something extraordinary to entertain...
So....the outcome?
A face image drawn by WC.... A gel casted, and not to be wasted, we left it air-dried at RT and tada....(can be used just like above) An art from the lab....
Nice, right????

CNY at hometown...

CNY back at home town....
Captured a few pictures when visited the grandparents (father's side) at Bandar Baru Kampar. (Just choose one to post)
Well, coincidently everyone were there 'hoi nin', we need not to drive around looking for the elders....and one shot can get all the ang pau(s) as well.
Had the breakfast at Kwong Hin at Bandar Baru on the first day of CNY. Frankly speaking, don't ever go to this place to have dim sum. Why? The service is superbly bad...the attitude of the workers are even worst. My family had been seated on a visible table, very easily noticeable as well, but we waited for almost half an hour to get the dim sum(s) taken to us, due to they thought we were leaving, and not ordering. Hey, c'mon, we only have 2 dishes on the table and do you think 2 dishes were enough for 4 person for breakfast? Moreover the 2 dishes specially dedicated for CNY as CNY special cost RM 10 per plate! Damn, so damn expensive!
How special were the two dish? Nah....not at all. Plain, plus cold dish. They didn't even bother to warm it to serve customer!
When it comes to the service.... ==" I triple sweat!
My brother asked if they got any serviette prepared for customer... The reply by the darn lady was 'oh, we did not provide it. You want it, you need to purchase from us.' How do they operate their business in eatery field when they can't even provide the basic need in the dim sum field? Take a look at dim sum restaurants at Klang Valley, they will, at least provide a box of smaller piece of serviette for customer, as they know, this has become the essential item to have on each table when you are providing eatery service!
Then it comes to Kam Ling Restaurant. Initially I had nothing to complain until one of the worker scolded us for not ordering clearly for her to understood our simple Cantonese! Then came another problem as they did not even bother to provide us the chopsticks and plates! Ok, after much raising up hands to ask for those items, another bigger problem arouse!
The fish (steam sauce fish) of the red tilapia was terribly cooked! The fish was indeed very fresh and fleshy as well, but the sauce that they used, tasted like an expired table cloth that haven't been washed for years! Yucks!!!
I guess, I will not go to Chinese restaurants during CNY...better still if just visit mamak stall for Roti Canai or Chapati...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Durian cheese cake

This is truly Malaysian...
What?! What is truly Malaysian?
Oh, I meant, this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Muahahahaha....this is a Durian Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe.
I just wanted to try it out, since I had tried the Durian Durian before.
Taste wise....????
If you prefer to eat a cheese cake whereby you can't taste the cheese existence, then you might like it. For me, it was just so-so. The durian taste itself already cover the cheese and if I were to eat this cake, might as well just buy a durian and eat the flesh of the fruit. By that, I can taste the real durian!
Gosh!!! Talk about durian and now I really miss the durian fruit.... =="

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Opss...We did it again...

After getting so bad luck during the CNY, I quickly bought a double promotion yee sang from sushi king. The manager was kind to offer us a special promotion whereby a 30% off for 2 yee sang purchased. So, I agreed to get the offer and here we go...a yee sang to 'lou' in the lab, as well as to be brought home for another round. (Very bad luck at home at Kota Kemuning. Once got back there, the very first day, there was no electricity. And after some inquiries to the TNB and also the developer, it was the developer built in cable faulty and needed to get it re-installed to the inner wall. So, the front portion of the house nearby the gateway needed to be demolished and for this, I have a bad feeling, we need to repaint, even if the developer agreed to do so... ==")!!!
Didn't know that sushi king offer such nice yee sang. modified from the traditional yee sang, but still taste great!
Feel so good to 'lou' yee sang... Come.....all the good luck.... GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lou Sang at Wei Lee's house...

On Chor 3 late afternoon (16 Feb 2010), we (Wei Lee, Weng Kit, Irene, Xue Li, Ruby and I), were at Wei Lee's house for a short gathering plus 'lou sang' at her house. Due to Wei Lee is a vegetarian, we asked her to prepared a vege yee sang for us. Her aunt prepared it, and it was splendid! Look at the mixture of vege to become the yee sang (but this yee sang is without sashimi).
Time to bully Weng Kit... all prepared to 'Lou Sang' The after effect of us, 'Lou-ing' ...@@
Thanks to Wei Lee for offering her place for the Lou Sang. Thanks to the friends that made their effort to empty the slot for this small gathering.
Forgot to mention, that thanks to Wai Leng also, for manage to drop by. But you arrived too late. All of us are rushing for the dinner at East Ocean Restaurant, because all of us were late on that day. Hope to meet up with you, Wai Leng, on some other day. But, hopefully a small gathering will make all of us cherish each other more!

Friday, February 19, 2010

ACS Class of 2000 - 10th Anniversary CNY Dinner

I should have start to blog regarding to the CNY's dinner held at East Ocean Restaurant on 16 Feb 2010(Chor 3).
Thank you to MC, that with his mostly dedicated and determination to organise the 10th anniversary of the class of 2000 CNY dinner. Well, no fake compliment. He indeed had done a great job. If I were in his shoe, I don;t even think I can get 2 table full with attendance.
It was huge and grand. Needless to say, the atmosphere full with 96(err..or maybe less than that) people was astonishing.
Photos to tell you the story...
Old time buddies...haha... :D The whole group, 9 tables of ACS class of 2000 5 Sc 2 Class of 2000.... The misture of Class of Science and Voc(Arts)... Our Mr President-MC Tham....together with us for a photo Non stop group photo-ing...
With the Class Assistance (Theng) Lets intro this famous girl... hehehe... ( Li Vyen)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy CNY!!!

Oh, I will be leaving to hometown tomorrow onwards for Chinese New Year.
Haha...before leaving, Alf n WC suddenly want to show their creativeness in decorating lab. So, they fully utilised the 'ang pao'(s) given by McD.
How they fully utilised it? Well...well...well....
Take a good look at these pictures... lolz... :D
**Clap clap clap** Really 'kaw tao' for such creativeness... hahaha Happy Chinese New Year to all... Have a joyous, prosperous, and blessed CNY!!! 新年快乐!!! 恭喜!!! 恭喜!!!

Yee Sang in the lab... (shhhh, we keep quiet :p)

Oh!!! Chinese New Year is around the corner!!! Shout people, shout!!! We did a so-called forbidden thing in the lab. OK, did it extra carefully, and the superior will actually 'one-eye-closed'. What we did? We "lou yee sang-lah"
So nice to actually did that in the lab!!! Lolz...Muahahaha... The yee sang was bought from Jusco and the sashimi was bought directly from the sushi column. We purchased the salmon sashimi, since there is no other option. Anyway, the yee sang tasted good...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

boleh-land parking style

Oh, my gosh!!!
How on earth people just park their car like that?!
Wasted people's parking as well as, it's a traffic maker!
Look at these pictures.... =="
This is really a boleh-land...can you see the parking style?!

The dolphin show.... After much delay about blogging it, here are the pictures...
The dolphin show is kind of disappointing, when you cannot expect anything extraordinary from such a small performing platform. Besides the dolphins, there are sea lions performing as well.
I likes to see the dolphin suddenly pop out from the pool... And the look at the sea lions!!! So cute...hahaha..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who the hell mistakenly took my primers?

Before I blog for the dolphin show, I would like to slot in this sudden incident that happened to me.

I went out to lunch at Pyramid and also took some time to buy for the 'yee sang'.

When I came back, the labmate told me that some one from Faculty of Medicene mistakenly took my Primers from S-* and she just ask the labmate to inform me to look for it at Level 2 and asked for Miss Lui/Chui (counded like this).It's actually some person named LUCY! Who the hell really had taken my primers?!

I rushed directly to look for the primers, and I could not find the person who, actually took it. Moreover, I walked the whole Level 2 and also Level 6 to find the technical officer and inquire about it. Lastly to only know that the person (an Indian girl) whose name sounded like (Wani/Vani/Vany) It's the Medic fac senior technical officer who claimed mails and couriers that had  taken my primers. and she is nowhere to be found!

Sucker. Suppose when she mistakenly took my primers, she should have left the contact numbers of hers or at least call me based on the number that she found at the DO! Sh*t her. I really so f*cking angry when I know that the person who mistakenly took it, didn't even have any initiative to look for the correct person. The stupid damn girl just asked my labmate to look for another person who doesn't even know what had happened.

Argh......................Right now, I felt like I want to kill the person who mistakenly took it, and I really want to bomb their lab. Call me crazy, call me insane, I don't f*cking care. I really want to strangle the stupid girl.(This stupid person somewhat is a senior technical officer!) I didn't found it surprise to see that there are a number of these don't know what is Science and pretending to hold the position for Senior Technical Officer in this Uni. But hey, at least, try to reduce that number!

Stupid, damn you!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Before we, (me and WC) went to the dolphin show; we stopped at the Sunway Pyramid concourse to claim a small gift (that you'll get when you had purchased up to RM 250, total for 2 receipt in the same day)....
here's the picture of the claimed free gift.

After that, we went for dinner at Wendy's. Got voucher from the Wendy's to get a baked potato in 50% price. So, I ordered for a shrimp meal...and the shrimp burger was amasingly tasted great. Well, maybe I had been too disappointed with KFC shrimp stick (the stick, has no shrimp meat, no shrimp taste, just flour taste and fried taste, that's all). Manage to capture pictures of the baked potato and also the burger.

The baked potato....broccoli and cheese... ^^,

The shrimp-ly irresistible "shrimp supreme"

Two sets from Wendy's.....

The burger from Wendy's has this soft and tender yet crispy texture...where I found it's really something irresistible. Oh, and they offer double shrimp supreme, whereby you can have two shrimps meat plus, they offer 100 plus! Yohoo...I like 100plus drink a lot, especially during heaty days...

Up coming next, the dolphin show....

Sorry for delaying....but will try to put up the picture of 'wei wei' the tiger and also the dolphins...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Syabu syabu at Bandar Puteri Puchong

Oh, forgot to blog this, which happened on last Monday, whereby Guan Yee called me out for a dinner, and we headed to Puchong to look for Irene. Sadly, Irene wasn't available, and instead, her sister Kinki joined us for a syabu-syabu at Bandar puteri Puchong.
Wow, I could recall that night, we were full and very satisfy for the food that we had. Haha....and indeed that was my first time eating syabu-syabu and putting things in individually to cook.
Capture some pictures.....
Kinki started the syabu-syabu marathon 1st...kaka I took the chance to capture Guan Yee..... See, 3 of us at the Syabu-syabu... :D
Look at some of the foods available....
The bacon.......yum yum.... Boiling...boiling....
See the individual packing of the foods to cook.... This is the poster available pasted outside at the window of this restaurant...