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Friday, February 26, 2010

CNY at hometown...

CNY back at home town....
Captured a few pictures when visited the grandparents (father's side) at Bandar Baru Kampar. (Just choose one to post)
Well, coincidently everyone were there 'hoi nin', we need not to drive around looking for the elders....and one shot can get all the ang pau(s) as well.
Had the breakfast at Kwong Hin at Bandar Baru on the first day of CNY. Frankly speaking, don't ever go to this place to have dim sum. Why? The service is superbly bad...the attitude of the workers are even worst. My family had been seated on a visible table, very easily noticeable as well, but we waited for almost half an hour to get the dim sum(s) taken to us, due to they thought we were leaving, and not ordering. Hey, c'mon, we only have 2 dishes on the table and do you think 2 dishes were enough for 4 person for breakfast? Moreover the 2 dishes specially dedicated for CNY as CNY special cost RM 10 per plate! Damn, so damn expensive!
How special were the two dish? Nah....not at all. Plain, plus cold dish. They didn't even bother to warm it to serve customer!
When it comes to the service.... ==" I triple sweat!
My brother asked if they got any serviette prepared for customer... The reply by the darn lady was 'oh, we did not provide it. You want it, you need to purchase from us.' How do they operate their business in eatery field when they can't even provide the basic need in the dim sum field? Take a look at dim sum restaurants at Klang Valley, they will, at least provide a box of smaller piece of serviette for customer, as they know, this has become the essential item to have on each table when you are providing eatery service!
Then it comes to Kam Ling Restaurant. Initially I had nothing to complain until one of the worker scolded us for not ordering clearly for her to understood our simple Cantonese! Then came another problem as they did not even bother to provide us the chopsticks and plates! Ok, after much raising up hands to ask for those items, another bigger problem arouse!
The fish (steam sauce fish) of the red tilapia was terribly cooked! The fish was indeed very fresh and fleshy as well, but the sauce that they used, tasted like an expired table cloth that haven't been washed for years! Yucks!!!
I guess, I will not go to Chinese restaurants during CNY...better still if just visit mamak stall for Roti Canai or Chapati...

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