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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Opss...We did it again...

After getting so bad luck during the CNY, I quickly bought a double promotion yee sang from sushi king. The manager was kind to offer us a special promotion whereby a 30% off for 2 yee sang purchased. So, I agreed to get the offer and here we go...a yee sang to 'lou' in the lab, as well as to be brought home for another round. (Very bad luck at home at Kota Kemuning. Once got back there, the very first day, there was no electricity. And after some inquiries to the TNB and also the developer, it was the developer built in cable faulty and needed to get it re-installed to the inner wall. So, the front portion of the house nearby the gateway needed to be demolished and for this, I have a bad feeling, we need to repaint, even if the developer agreed to do so... ==")!!!
Didn't know that sushi king offer such nice yee sang. modified from the traditional yee sang, but still taste great!
Feel so good to 'lou' yee sang... Come.....all the good luck.... GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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