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Monday, February 1, 2010

Sister's wedding

Oh... ==" I am back to Sunway, back to Kota Kemuning, back to Uni....
Here we go...the days back at Kampar.....
First day: 28th Jan 2010
Went out to eat sushi, at Sushi King tesco. The restaurant was initially quite empty until awhile later, it was full with lots of students, especially UTARIANS. I am not surprise though, because the opening of shushi king at the Tesco Kampar aimed for students business...
But, I can tell you, it was week days, and the students even willing to queue outside just for the sake of dining at sushi king =="
Second day: 29th Jan 2010
The wedding dinner day for sis big day. The wedding dinner held at Kam Ling, as usual, typical Kamparians (but also due to my eldest uncle is working there as the 1st chief, so, we decided to organise over there). The picture uploaded previously in the previous blog was before heading to the restaurant.
Here, have a look from the front of the restaurant, sorry for not capturing the whole new building, it was raining outside.
Here was the sticker (so called name plate for the host, and also the guess to identify the correct venue. Check this out, the entrance, from the ground floor of Kam Ling Restaurant. The arrival of the new bride and bridegroom.....walking towards there is my 'Ah Mah'
Third day: 30th Jan 2010
The chau funn night.
Brother and Chee Yu... 'Dai bak leung' with her girls and also sister. The food already arrived and served, now waiting for guess to arrive.
Forth day: 31st Jan 2010
Putting on the veil. The family picture Picture of my sister with friends.
'Heng dai(s)'on the block...lolz
'Ji Mui(s)' on the block... ngeh ngeh ngeh Family picture with father's side Family picture with mother's side Picture with bro at the restaurant... Picture at the wedding dinner at V Garden

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