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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tastypot? Hell ya' superb bad service!

Ok, even though now it's consider late night over here, I would still like to scold this Tastypot Steamboat Restaurant.
Tiu Nia Sing, ok, forgive me for the foul language used, but I could not help myself; just to keep on uttering this foul language. What had happened?! Alright, let me tell you the incident.
My friends and I planned for a steamboat on 6th Feb, pre cny celebration as well as a small gather up. When we want to decide for the steamboat restaurant, friends keep on saying Yuen steamboat nowadays did not provide fresh seafoods, and hence, we decided to went over for this Tastypot Steamboat Restaurant. Yes, you can see some seafoods (especially the crabs) are fresh, but scallops, prawns and can notice the frozen look, meaning, kept in -20 degree Celsius for some time. (Oh yeah, I don't care if viewers disagree with me, hell ya, you can look at it yourself, which is fresh and which is not...if that's your lucky day, it's your day, but isn't my day...I don't f**king mind!)
In the middle of steamboat (we had all the seafoods, mushroom, fish mee and so on in the pot steaming), the lady boss came in and asked us, if we would agree to go upstairs, because they afraid of raining at the outdoor. As we thought, ok, fine, it's your concern for us, so we agreed, without doubt. (Later, I will conclude with you all, why you should not agree to do so, when asked for moving to upstairs.)
We asked what about our on the way steaming foods? Because we had waited half way, and the lady boss said, they will bring it up for us, we will only need to move our drinks. The rest will be 'gao dim' by the restaurant. Well, sounds so nice, right? (Don't ever being cheated by this kind of good service initially, they are just pretending!) We were asked to move upstairs to second floor, and they asked us just choose a place, and they will send in the pot as soon as possible.....Sh*t them. Where the hell was our pot? We went upstairs at around 730pm and we waited like until 815pm for our pot. Yes...Why we had to wait so long for our pot? We asked a guy friend to require for our pot, because we already waited half way. The lady boss said, they were sending it up. (Trust her not, damn good liar!) I purposely asked again, after 10 minutes later. You know what she answer? Oh, we were getting it up, right now... (What the heck happened in the 10 minutes?) 10 minutes isn't enough for the person to wait for the lift to get the pot up? Sh*t her. The third time the guy friend went over to ask the lady boss, and she said...'Opss sorry, your pot already send over to third floor and haven't send down. Please hold one more moment."
Well, what to do, we already waited like until almost 845pm, so...we keep on waiting. Then the lady boss inform the guy friend, the pot already taken by some other table. So... she's going to open a new one for us. (What?!?!?!?!) After waited for almost 1 hour, the pot gone? And now we have to take new foods, and steam again? The lady boss claim that they have sufficient seafoods provided, and all are the same that you can get from ground floor... SCREWED HER!!!
I asked for straw mushroom, the worker looked puzzled and asked me, what's straw mushroom. FINE! I asked the lady boss, where's the straw mushroom and the button mushroom. She proudly show me the place...and found that there was not even one container having any of these mushroom. She claimed that they were replenishing. (DAMN good liar, I saw her asking the worker to get them up quickly, as I am getting superbly angry. I had already noticed, they do not even notice that there're not fully equipped the second floor.) I said, I had to walked down to ground floor purposely for chicken wing. WHERE the HELL is your chicken wings? Then only the lady boss said, they had the chicken wing sending upstairs! SCREWED HER!
I was so so so f**king angry, I asked, how are you going to compensate my friends and I? We had waited so long, and we had to get new foods again to cook, and we could not get back the same! We asked for the fish mee, and they said "oh, we ran out of stock for it. sorry, no more available!" WHAT?! The initial pot that we were cooking half way, we had every of those essential ingredient inside, and they can simply told us, we had mistakenly given to some other table. HOW DARE they mistakenly put for other table? They did not checked before served, and taken it upstairs? Now you know, why I am very unsatisfied!
Such damn bad service, and they can just simply said, we still have plenty of foods to take. C'mon, sounds like I thought you do not supply us food. I am asking how do they compensate our lost of time? Can they pay us back the time? DAMN Tastypot Steamboat Restaurant! To those who had the thought to go over, think not once or twice, think thrice! And if you really ever go over to this superbly liar steamboat restaurant, do not get cheated by them to go upstairs! They served lesser at upstairs, and you enjoy lesser. Moreover, you cannot even get the scallops refilled as frequent as downstairs! So, must becareful with this kind of liar. We had been cheated once, and now I am blogging this out for people who google for Tastypot Steamboat Restaurant to know.
If the lady boss is reading this, SCREWED you! You can cheat people, but it won't be for long. There is a chinese proverb "if you walked up often to the mountain, you'll sure meet the Tiger!" This coming year is a Tiger year, and you had met the TIGER. I would not wish you luck, I guess you must ask God to bless you.
Bad words can be spread through thousands miles... and guess what, I am very good in spreading bad news. You consider yourself having bad luck, after dumping me a bad service. SERVED YOU RIGHT! From now onwards, I am going to ask friends to boycott you. Oh, yeah, you wouldn't afraid of no business, but you will afraid of earning lesser, coz you deserved it. Bye bye to your $$$.
Conclusion, your service, especially you served DAMN bad, so, not even worth a single cent to visit to your steamboat restaurant.
For viewers, do not get cheated by people spreading that they seafoods are fresh, look clearly, carefully, you'll see, you'll know. Frozen stock or not, once you picked up, you can fell. Be a smart consumer. Those that you need to fight for your right, please do so. I fight for mine, by asking her, how are they going to compensate our time? For sure, she could not pay us our time, and she just 'duh' to walked away. See the style of serving? Would you consider visiting this restaurant again, if you're in my shoe?
One word, NO!

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