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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who the hell mistakenly took my primers?

Before I blog for the dolphin show, I would like to slot in this sudden incident that happened to me.

I went out to lunch at Pyramid and also took some time to buy for the 'yee sang'.

When I came back, the labmate told me that some one from Faculty of Medicene mistakenly took my Primers from S-* and she just ask the labmate to inform me to look for it at Level 2 and asked for Miss Lui/Chui (counded like this).It's actually some person named LUCY! Who the hell really had taken my primers?!

I rushed directly to look for the primers, and I could not find the person who, actually took it. Moreover, I walked the whole Level 2 and also Level 6 to find the technical officer and inquire about it. Lastly to only know that the person (an Indian girl) whose name sounded like (Wani/Vani/Vany) It's the Medic fac senior technical officer who claimed mails and couriers that had  taken my primers. and she is nowhere to be found!

Sucker. Suppose when she mistakenly took my primers, she should have left the contact numbers of hers or at least call me based on the number that she found at the DO! Sh*t her. I really so f*cking angry when I know that the person who mistakenly took it, didn't even have any initiative to look for the correct person. The stupid damn girl just asked my labmate to look for another person who doesn't even know what had happened.

Argh......................Right now, I felt like I want to kill the person who mistakenly took it, and I really want to bomb their lab. Call me crazy, call me insane, I don't f*cking care. I really want to strangle the stupid girl.(This stupid person somewhat is a senior technical officer!) I didn't found it surprise to see that there are a number of these don't know what is Science and pretending to hold the position for Senior Technical Officer in this Uni. But hey, at least, try to reduce that number!

Stupid, damn you!