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Friday, March 12, 2010

Days with alien, epi 5

You know, I got updates for everybody.
Today, we had a lab meeting in Lab 3317 and all the members in working in this lab attended it.
When we were saying that we would like to get this open, since nobody admitted that he or she did it, then we don't mind to get it out.
Then, out of the blue, she (the alien) uttered something to the 2 lectures as in ' It MIGHT been ME who DID it, because I am the last one who USED it. If it's GETS burned in a FEW seconds...'
Hmm.....what did the alien trying to point out? It happened and she unaware of burning it and after it was burned, she claimed that she don't know who did it?
Wow, such a good answer in defending... Such denial words from the alien mouth wasn't surprise at all!!!
When S.B.K asked the alien to fill in the report form, she only acted as the person who report it, not as the person who did it. In the explanation column, the alien only pointed out all might and might be, not admitting it at all! The worst is, S.B.K bind it and let the alien just submit the form like that!
Before the lab meeting, I receive information from Mr CCB that the lab auditors are coming and asked us to keep the lab clean n tidy to avoid any frustration. After that, I asked if he aware of anything happened to the lab, because yesterday (11/3) S.B.K already seen the burn mark and he suppose to report it within 24 hours. (Which he didn't because it was very obvious that he was still thinking whether he should report or just keep the incident hidden as it was from the well known troublesome n problematic student!)
As accidents sometimes, can't be avoided, all of us in the lab weren't upset because of something burned! We were d@mn upset because this superbly problematic alien didn't even have any intention to admit it. The alien just said might be, you can see, how ignorance and arrogant Alien is..when answering.
I would like the alien not holding the lab key anymore...but it seems like it is impossible. SBK didn't mentioned anything regarding to the holding of lab key. He only warned the alien not to work alone, and must have senior or lecturer as buddy when work during off office hours and weekend. The worst part was, when we were being told that she will be in the lab for 6 more weeks! D@mn it. I felt very (dulan) even for 1 more day!
Both the alien supervisors are playing kicking the ball and passing it around! The supervisor 1 (C.C) and Supervisor 2 (SBK) keep on saying that the alien isn't their registered student. C.C said SBK is the supervisor, hence, he had to decide whether to let the alien keeping the key or not. SBK said to us in the lab, when we had keep on complaining about the alien that C.C is the main supervisor, he is just the c0-supervisor. So, the decision had to be done by C.C. (I meant last time when we tried to ask SBK to remove her to other lab.) Surprisingly, the alien still will be in the uni.
I had this intuition that the alien will graduate and surprisingly with a super good result also. Whereby I doubted it, and I am suspecting money is the culprit. Well, I had no evidence, but the alien alliances, whom now repeating the basic microbiology after failing it on last year...will graduate even if the alliances failed the basic microbiology again...
Well...?! With money, you can move a mountain!!!

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