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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Days with alien, epi 6

Yesterday, we had a spring clean in the lab.
Heard that the OHS will be coming for a visit, that's why will have to do something to make the lab looks tidier and cleaner.
And you know what is so surprising?
When I asked Alf's help to just inform the alien again to throw her biohazard waster to level 4 autoclave room...what is Alf's respond? He said that it's because we did not inform and talk with the alien before, that's why the alien did not know where to throw.
Oh, is that so? When the alien was in for the first month, I had asked the alien to throw her waste in the biohazard plastic bag and if it's full, then take up to level 4 autoclave room to throw.
And what's the alien answer yesterday? She answered Alf that she indeed tried to put up to level 4, but the autoclave room WAS LOCKED! Oh, since when the autoclave room locked? I had even tried to put waste at 11pm at night, and the room still on as always. What an excuse that she tried to put up for Alf... Anyhow, since Alf unsure if the autoclave room was locked, he just let the alien be?! Well, yesterday, luckily he manage to asked the alien to throw her biohazard waste to level 4...I had already gave up talking with the alien. I did not speak alienly language!
Today, the alien was not in! Well, at least until this moment. How nice it is, when the alien was not in the lab. The lab become so peaceful and harmony. Well, suppose SBK had to take back the lab key and just ask her to apply the key via the school. Due to a lot of pampering from SBK, the alien becoming more and more severe in her attitude problem!


Wai Leong said...

I saw alien in my condo with 2 other alien companions at 8pm wahahahaha I think they are having a break or fun... hope we no need the Dalai Lama or Pope to introduce peace and harmony in the lab WHAHAHA

Cheerioet said...

well, the alien still invading the lab, after office hours...
the alien together with the alliances also in the lab today...
So sh*t....