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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jui Duk Fu Yann Sum

Why this kind of tittle?
After reading Bomoh King's shout out at facebook... which was " I wanna resign from marking Food Science repost ady", I was kind of shocked.
It's all related to bomoh king. This is because he was almost fallen to the state of insanity when he receive changes to mark report and when he had already marked almost half of those reports, he had a message asking him to stop, whereby the message wasn't send from the lecturer in charge, but from a so brainy "b.r.i.m.s" honours student that is demo-ing for the unit.
What had happened...?! Wait until you see of his replied comment...
"not gik sam is Ou huet... the marking scheme changes then finalized ady a demo go and protest and say all stop marking and refuse to change.. I was like Oh my Tuhan, allah, buddha, kun yam, kuan dai, goddess of kali, murugan, jesus. I mark jor change scheme and mark and now say wanna go back to old scheme. I buy ginseng using the rm 120 also cannot bou fan.. :( "
Hahaha...nice...really nice, well written.
This kind of demo life...really so s*cks.
But the s*cks thingy that happened to bomoh king wasn't the students report, but because of one of the demo so arrogantly said the marking scheme is too linear, not fair for her own potential to score HD students, then she go and protest. Wakao, what the heck had happened to this person. She is already well-known for her kiasu-ness, now plus another negative element[bossy].
I replied the shout out as "bomoh king, i guess u nid black widow,centipede, cobra, scorpion, and etc (those which are very poisonous) to counter back the so called ' jui duk fu yann sum'...she memang poison-lah... x tahan"
Hahaha....really felt like want to get this kind of ingredients, find a real witch, put some spell and cast it to the d@mn person.
P/S: Bomoh King, this blog is purposely written for you, to get people to read about the kiasu-ness of "b.r.i.m.s" people.

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Bomoh king! said...

Thank you....... haihz... what to do thats life... such challenges in life...thanks bomoh queen for posting this.. its a way to relieve stress.. we Bomohs really have to stick together.. and we shud take out our spellbooks and start brewing potions to cast away those gila ppl..