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Friday, March 5, 2010


Hmm, so sorry for disappearing for couple of days.
I found out that this show 'gag 姐' was kind of funny yet telling out the fact of life!
Look at one of the example when she mentioned 'songwanist'
I felt it did point out the fact that people nowadays like to have fun, but will not know the consequences. Moreover, those that who did plays too extremely...
I can't help but agree with her that some of the games are too 'song' and they were acting like 'brainless' games. Pointless, meaningless, non-benefiting and also humiliating. I just can't understand, why people have to do something like they will felt fun when seeing people being humiliated! Sigh...I guess people and society nowadays getting psycho...
No...! NOT that I want to say that I am so righteous, but at least, come to my mind that we need not to do such games to entertain ourselves.
Maybe I am old-fashion, not open-minded, not fully civilised?! But, at least, I know the limitation.
Those of my friends, you might be in the 'songwanist' category, but hopefully, you will realise that if you enjoy seeing people doing stuff and games like this...there will be one day, the vicious cycle comes back to you, and people will be enjoying seeing you being humiliated...

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