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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Strays being treated badly

"Treat strays better

The MB of Perak should instruct Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh to stop shooting stray dogs. Dis is very cruel act towards the animals. Dog have feelings too just like human. — Cheah.

Dr Zambry, pls check on ur staff at Ipoh local council, who r ruthlessly killing n abusing stray dogs in Ipoh. NGOs, pls check up on them n do an expose on this matter.

Dog shooters in Ipoh r very cruel, they just simply kill innocent lives for nothing. Tis cruel act should stop immediately b4 it gets worse. — Jack" (Taken from TheStar eNews, Saturday March 20, 2010)

Wow, here again...I repeat AGAIN... I read that the Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh shoot stray dogs like they are above the law to kill lives of strays.

Once, I witnessed by myself, the way they hunt for stray dogs at my hometown, Kampar...using something similar like a spear to poke the stray dogs and get them out from hiding underneath cars. Then, they either strangle them to death on the spot, cause I guess they (those from the authority) were either very hating these poor dogs or they really want to get rid of every single dog in Kampar. So cruel. They did not even mind if your eyes are nailing on them. They were just way too arrogant and felt superior in killing stray dogs.

Those blood stained on the road, from the cruel poking to the stray dogs was also left unattended. I saw some residents nearby, whom they also having dogs as pet, directly keep their dogs inside the house. Me too, did the same thing as to close the main door and watched from the window while keeping Lucky in the house barking non-stop.

Hearing those poor dogs sound getting weaker and weaker due to the pain and bleeding, I found myself hating those people whom catch stray dogs. Why they need to apply such a cruel way? Why they need to show this to the residents? Not only adults were watching, but also school children whom some of them crying to their parents begging of not killing the dogs.

If the authority wanted to catch stray dogs, why not stray cats as well? Cats also spread diseases and also can cause serious public health concern. If they wanted to euthanise the stray, they should do it the proper way. Killing stray at public is just like uncut movie scene of a murderer killing the victim.

These authorities be it from Kampar or Ipoh had always been complain by the public regarding to their way of catching stray dogs. Why the repeat the same cruel catching method?

If I do not mistaken, there had been a news regarding a dog inside a house compound being shot to death in front of a small girl. The girl was so shocked, that she had to seek psychology doctor for treatment of trauma shock. The dog itself inside a house compound and the shooter supposedly cannot even shoot the dog even if it did not carry the dog license. These people are getting wilder everytime they are catching stray dogs. They did not even think of the consequences of their action in public will cause trauma to the pet lover.

Are they stupid? Didn't they think about that every creature having their role on earth as the creation of God. Don't they know what if MERCY?

If they can kill stray just like that at public, I can assure to you, they can also kill human at public, cause shooter can missed their target and innocent public will be the victim!

Why the government, as well as those who call the the authority thought of this matter? Are they *ss-brained and filled with grass? If not, why they did not even responded to the public urge of not shooting stray dogs at public, using more humane way to handle strays? Oh, there are always reasons for the authorities of hiding behind the bush. They will always said, they did not been inform of such a thing, they did not approved of such a way, they did not aware of having shooters killing strays in front of small kids...blah blah blah...

Well, enough for the excuses! We are just sick of your stupid excuses. Stop giving us the excuses! Abolish shooting of strays!!!!!

p/s: I had been reading such news since I was in primary school, and now even after Uni and I still read such news! Where is humanity? Humanity had been gone from these people ever since the shooting and killing of strays made legal in Malaysia!


BomoH King said...

totally agree i wonder the ppl got brains or not one.. i saw in the chinese newpaper i am so shock u know what the Vet government thingy say.. the best way to reduce stray dog maybe is to EAT them.. yes.. EAT!! I blinked my eyes twice to ensure I saw the word EAT..totally gila man... HAIZ what to do..

Cheerioet said...

the Vet government suggest to export the dog meat, after euthanised them! I read that as well! some more, he exclaimed that since we have market for those who demand for dog meat, why don't we sell it?!
I was triple shocked for that statement!

Bomoh King said...

I wonder why they cant say the same to CATs.. my hometown are infested with stray CATS ok... then should we sell CAT meat also? gila orang