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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I can do nothing about it.....

I suddenly have a thought of putting this up as a guide to all of us.
I wonder, will these consumer rights be applicable in Malaysia?
I had faced problem with clause 3, 4, 5 and 7.....
And guess what?
I have to keep the problems to myself, and could not get explanation from respective side*
I personally felt that my rights had been violated.....and I can do nothing about it.
I really can do nothing about it, which seems so pathetic, so terribly pathetic...
I also read this, which was posted up at FOMCA website adapted from TheSun news.....which I felt true...
It's time to amend Consumer Protection Act, to make it fairer, and better.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


When cold night strikes and raining thunder storm....
you felt that you want to eat something.....
something that can keep you warm, and something that has the spice which will keep you up...
then....that's the time, you'll crave for....
OMG!!!!! I have a sudden urge to get curry laksa after raining cats and dogs in the evening time.
Luckily, I thought of the 'Well cook gourmet' at SS14 and there we go....the curry laksa from there.
Beside having curry laksa there, we also had the fried laksa, the'chef recommended' menu.
Yum....yum....yummy.... The curry laksa from Well Cook Gourmet I ordered Bihun, instead of the yellow mee....
I did not snap the picture for fried laksa...but posted hereby are the previous taken pictures...
Check this out...Fried laksa... XD

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The feeling for the past few days were.....excitement!
Went for sushi king RM2 day.... yum yum...
Then, went for Pasar Malam for the chee cheong funn....
Then, went for a vegetarian restaurant for yin yeung...
Well.... Foods!!! Foods!!!!
Beside that, I am liking the feeling that flow in too....
Great, at least life is not that bad after all...when your research not turning fine...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Puduraya bus terminal...

The puduraya bus terminal, now deserted and the government wanted to make renovation as well as to get the whole place more organised. Over the years, this bus terminal never rest as it was frequently loaded by a large number of buses as well as the the passengers. Those from Northern and Southern states that took public transportation to Klang Valley should be very familiar with the Puduraya Bus Terminal.
I still remember how congested, how bad the traffic jams and also how terrible and horrible the look of Puduraya when I took the bus from there up to Northern State. I found out that the Puduraya bus terminal was so unorganised, having all sort of stinky smell at the basement portion as well as the heat when waiting for bus to arrive before boarding them.
The buses operators, keep on shouting and luring passengers to buy tickets from their counter, as well as those unauthorised black sheep trying to sell their tickets to earn more. Usually this happened during peak hours and peak days for returning home-state. The ticketing price never been clearly stated. The bus tickets operators never been honest to the passengers. All they did were to get you purchased their tickets whereby the claimed the bus already waiting for get passengers in; also mentioning that they will be departing on time! What the heck! All are liars. Since when this bus tickets operators been honest? I had been cheated to purchase a ticket with a double pricing with an excuse that the bus was a holiday-usage bus used for vacation. The bus was waiting to get passengers at that moment, and those who wanted to get to the destination on time will be interested. Furthermore, that was peak hours, and weekend which was a good time to return home-state. This is how the bus operators earn extra income. They lure you to purchase their tickets, and little did I know that the bus was not there and they keep on explaining that the traffic jams caused it to be late. How on earth it will be late, if the bus operators mentioned that the bus already waiting to depart? Liars!
Now that I had owned a car, I never will go back to Puduraya, unless it is very necessary. Anyway, the Puduraya bus terminal now was shut down and relocated temporary.......I will felt that the residents at the nearby area will relief for a smoother traffic at surrounding... (Well, that's my opinion). There are still available operators for destination such as Genting Highland. I wonder how would the Puduraya Bus terminal looks like, when the renovation is done.
The Puduraya bus terminal should be given a new look. There are a lot of foreign passengers taking buses from Puduraya bus terminal to various places. For my point of view, I would expect the Puduraya to actually shifted to a more spacious place, rather than to stay congested in the same Puduraya with limited space available. How on earth that the traffic over there at Puduraya will be fine, if every now and then the same small place even have more and more buses, passengers, as well as taxi and private vehicles?
Since this bus terminal has to bear buses from both North and South, I suppose the bus terminal deserve to be expanded?

Monday, April 12, 2010

WW Pearl

Recorded the video of this Winter white Pearl..... Look at the behaviour... It was his first time alone in a cage of his, fully his, without any competitors as well as fighting for food... Lolz

Saturday, April 10, 2010

pleasing to eyes....

When back at hometown last week, I had managed to capture some photos of the fruits and flower planted in front of my house quite some time ago. The fruit, when unripe is green, looks like a mini apple to me; and when fully ripe, it turns to red. When I was small, we already had this plant back at the old house. We ate it, yes, when it's ripe. However, lastly we found out that it is so sour when it's fully ripe, and it's so crunchy and not sour when it's unripe. So, at last, we always pluck them out, when it grew bigger and still unripe.
How the fruit looks like?
Here you go.....
Small version of apple.... lolz....
Look at the flower....purplish....and so nicely arranged...
The view of the flowers and the nice...
I did not pluck the fruits.... They are still so small and the crunchiness is less compare to the bigger grown fruits...
It's been always so nice and peaceful to look at the green....
So pleasing to the eyes....


I don't know what to write.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lucky chai again...

I present to you....
Lucky chai's paw....
Check out the Lucky chai latest look...kekeke...nothing new actually, just that I want to capture his picture and lure him with something for him to look at the camera...haha... :D Owning a pet sure will decrease your stress; once I look at lucky chai...I will felt it's silly look quite amusing... :p

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I saw the banner advertisement from DiGi in my blog yesterday night, when I want to do editting for the blog. Out of curiosity, I clicked it and viola!!!! Here's the result...LOLZ
There are still a number of template to try on, but found that this hotpants ninja kinda, put this up for your entertainment only... kaka.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

B@ck to hometown

Back to hometown....
Today really was not a good day for having yum-cha session at mamak stall at Bandar Baru. All the mamak stalls are congested, way too crowded due to the rain as well as...there was a live sport show of English league. Gosh!!! Can not even find a place to sit!!!
Never happened to us that we cannot find a place to sit in mamak stall =="
I had cut my hair. Now should look better, not that messy.
I have to wake up at 0600 later to 'harng ching' and now I am still so awaken. Sigh...
Happy and happy and happy...YEAH...can play around with my doggy, Lucky...
The best thing when you are opening the door gate and you heard the 'ting, ting' sound from the collar....then you knew that Lucky noticed you and ran out for you!!! Hahaha... :D

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dinner at new Murni....
Today due to driving to Aman Suria to look for pet shop...and instead of finding the pet shop, we found Murni Discovery!
SS2 Murni had changed their location. They are no longer at SS2, but shifted their business and renamed it to Murni Discovery.(I apologise. According to a friend who had just recently visited SS2 Murni, the Murni Discovery is their branch. The SS2 Murni still operating as usual.)
It was actually not hard to find, but, the place that they are situated at is actually kind of deserted. Somehow, due to their present there, the place looks more alive and frequently visited by youngster as well as those families who wanted to have a fusion of chinese, western, mamak, and malay food!
Well, I am so happy that I had the dinner there. So full, oh, and really... they had finally, ok, FINALLY have menus for ordering. And the ordering based inserted via com as well as the serving system get a better than the previous Murni!

How to train your dragon

Watched How to train your dragon...
Such a cute 'Night Fury'
Night Fury...the dragon type and his name... 'toothless'
Wahahaha...just watch this movie and you will know why the dragon named 'toothless'.
I wonder if the dragon eyes will look so adorable and cute.
If I were to see such a dragon, I guess, I would also take it home as pet... Hahaha