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Friday, April 2, 2010

Dinner at new Murni....
Today due to driving to Aman Suria to look for pet shop...and instead of finding the pet shop, we found Murni Discovery!
SS2 Murni had changed their location. They are no longer at SS2, but shifted their business and renamed it to Murni Discovery.(I apologise. According to a friend who had just recently visited SS2 Murni, the Murni Discovery is their branch. The SS2 Murni still operating as usual.)
It was actually not hard to find, but, the place that they are situated at is actually kind of deserted. Somehow, due to their present there, the place looks more alive and frequently visited by youngster as well as those families who wanted to have a fusion of chinese, western, mamak, and malay food!
Well, I am so happy that I had the dinner there. So full, oh, and really... they had finally, ok, FINALLY have menus for ordering. And the ordering based inserted via com as well as the serving system get a better than the previous Murni!

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