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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lock this blog

I had decided to lock the blog, even though it might not be so nice, and it will be very cumbersome to other reader; this is one of the way to prevent some certain persons that I do not wish them to read my blog by using blogger. Wordpress did has the advantages of having password lock to certain post directly using their setting, however, due to some certain reasons, I will still stick with blogger. Just that I will have to lock it until after I finished this study. The previous blog had caused some controversial between supervisors and me. I guess, starting from that, they had develop suspicious and untrustworthy towards me. I know I am a disappointment. I am a failure to their eyes. They can criticise, but not humiliating me, not insulting me. They can comment on how bad am I, but they I hope they do not compare. There is a chinese saying that comparing of human to human, aren't comparable. I might not be a best material, and I also do not hope that I am in the worst. Who wanted to be the worst?! I might not be pointing names, but those who know, please do not put the names in the comment. For those whom wanted to know, private message me, for details. I would like to have this blog as my shout out, to let the whole world to know, after what had happened, after that blog entry. All I wanted to write, is that I want all to know, I, myself is also just an ordinary human being, trying to fit in, for what had required by the society. If I were to take insult, humiliation; I guess, I do not have self-esteem. Do you, reader here would wanted to have your humiliation or insulation to be happened, and you still can pretend nothing happened? I, myself, to be frank..... I can't. That is why, from that time onwards, I had decided to lock this blog.

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