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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Drug trafficking?

The whole Malaysia now is debating the issue of death penalty. Claims as what if those whom are in death row are your friends, families, or relatives? Come to the mind that people who had committed the crime will change, and eventually might be a better person is subjective. If those whom had committed the crime that will have death penalty (murder, drug trafficking), had thought of how many lives they might had spoiled or killed for committing such crimes, they would not be facing the death penalty now. If they were to said that they are naive, young, or not in the state of mind, they should have seek help. How many lives of those people whom they suffered from drugs, be it their friends, families or relatives? Drug did not kill instantly, but it slowly drive the society to more crime, and more lives will be taken. That's why death penalty were there to serve those culprits. However, not to forget those cases that might be happened where those traffickers were tricked into doing it. They are forced to do so, or they did not realised that they are carrying drugs. Those cases happened all around the world, and yet, the real culprit still walking free, while those whom were innocent served the penalty. The legal systems indeed will not serve justice for all. It will not speak for all. Nonetheless, we should bear in mind that, if we do not wanted to be in such penalty, why we committed the crime at the first? Therefore, proper punishment that will kept people form committing it is necessary. If there aren't such penalty, there will be even more and more crimes involving drugs and murder. Please remember that the drug trafficker that requested for clemency isn't too young to think of the consequences of drug trafficking. If the lawyer uses excuses such as the client was young and naive, did not know what he is doing, but what about he knowing that this is wrong? What about he knowing that this is illegal? What about knowing that he earned a lot from such a way, that his earning of those money are from other poor family that they steal, rob, or kill for the purpose to purchase drugs? Think about it....

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