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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am just a human....

All I wanted you to know, I am a human too. I have feeling too. I felt hurt too. I felt abandoned too. It's not just you.... I know I made a lot of mistake, a lot of bad behaviour, a lot of non-sense, a lot a lot more of sadden news. But..... Do you ever think of me? Do you ever consider my feeling too? Do you ever put yourself in my shoe to weight the incidents? I read your blog too. I know I had caused much hurt to you. Made you to have a thought of your journey was alone. Caused you to think that I am not worth. You asked me, not to make decision for you, not to choose for you, consider of your feeling, consider of your rights.... All I asked was for you to consider my feeling too. I know I might not be that hurt, my feeling will not be that hurt, if I did not care for you, if I am just a by passer. But I aren't a by passer. I could not just stand and watch... Congratualation! You had successfully made my heart break as well... If reading your blog had caused me to felt so much pain, for I don't really want to hurt you.... I am not making my blog to be a pain for you. I want you to know that I AM JUST A HUMAN. PLEASE consider my feeling too!

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