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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vaanmathi's wedding

Traditional Indian wedding. This was the very first time that I attended a traditional Indian (tamil) wedding. My ex-coursemate Vaanmathi, invited me to attend her wedding. I apologised for not being able to attend her wedding dinner on Saturday (28th Nov 2010). I had to attend a friend's birthday dinner. However, I managed to attend Vaan's wedding ceremony which was held at St. Annd'e hall at Bukit Mertajam. It was such an eye-opening ceremony to me. An uncle (I forgot to asked his name) was kind enough to explain to me why they had those elements, blessings and prayers for the bride and bridegroom. This video was taken when the Bride walking into the hall, towards the stage to join with the bridegroom.
The wedding ceremony consist of 3 major steps. (My observation)
1. The bridegroom arrival and the priest blessing onto him, prayer and also blessing from the bridegroom's family, relatives, and elder.
2. The bridegroom leave the stage to change, and the bride move forward onto the stage, for blessings, prayers by the priest, and blessing by family, relatives, and elder.
3. The bride leave the stage to change, and the bridegroom move forward onto the stage to prepare for the official marriage vows.
4. After the bride changed, she walked onto the stage to have the blessings together with the bridegroom.
5. The blessings from the priest and prayer, and eventually the official Thaali/Mangalsutra was tyied to the bride by bridegroom.
6. Family members were ready nearby the stage to pour in blessings by spreading flowers towards the newly weds.

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