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Monday, December 13, 2010

- Caribbean Cafe -

Still full until now.
That's what I can describe.
I had driven WC to find her friends, because her poor little Kelisa too small to accommodate 6 person including one little kid.
From Sunway to BK 6, and return to Bukit Jalil and to Kuchai Lama then, reached the Caribbean Cafe.
Well, it's not hard to find with all the helps of WC's friends whom stayed nearby.
Once reached, you'll see a large sign board ' Central Spa'...All I wanted to show here was the Caribbean Cafe signboard. (Ignore my poor photography skill)
Caribbean Cafe's slogan, I guess...Got to ask GY if it's true.
The menu's cover page...
Kam Heung's chicken chop with Rice
Cheesy egg Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce
Green Apple Lemonade
There are 3 more drinks that we had ordered, Apple and Orange, Grape Lemonade, and orange juice...but I forgotten to snap the picture...
Nam Yee fried Chicken
Crispy Yam Pear
WC and da gang... lolz
See the little kid, he's eying at the food...
A close up of the little kid's face....
The bill.......
Coincidently today is WC's friend (I can remember the name well, :p) birthday. So we were entitle to get 20% off from the total....
* To enable the birthday discount, the person have to present the Identification card or birth certificate or passport or any other documents that can prove your birth date is on the day you're having at Caribbean Cafe.
Well, overall, WC's friends and her drinks were too sour to drink. All except mine. I guess I am lucky enough to order a drink that's not too sour?!
However, GY got to take note already... hehehe...
The food, mushroom sauce given was too salty... the chicken chop deep fried with flour had already absorbed some salty, and the sauce need not to be so salty as it will cover the chicken's taste.
The Kam heung chicken chop is a new combination for me. Eating the sauce alone was overly salty. I tried to blend the sauce with white rice, to reduce the saltiness, yet I can't bear it. However, I had finished the food as well, because I don't want to waste food.
The Nam Yee fried chicken was good, if we're having beer...that will be a perfect combination.
The yam pear was great. The little kid likes it... lolz...

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