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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Digi Turbo 3G no connectivity at Bdr Sunway

Before I blog about the Penang Trip part 2, I would like to inform user of broadband whom wanted to know if Digi 3G turbo Broadband is good at Bdr Sunway area...I can definitely tell you 'NO'.
I had been experiencing dis-connectivity since yesterday when I am using the Digi 3G at Bdr Sunway. To my surprise, the dc constantly happened from yesterday morning until late night. Today, until this very moment, I had been keep on trying (I am using the university Wireless to type this blog!) and I decided to called DigiHelpline...
To my disappointment, the conversation went sour and nothing that Digi can help. Want to know what are their answer???
1. Digi 3G coverage area are limited. Your area is at the borderline of 3G and Edge, so you might experiencing unstable connectivity!!!
(Come on, if Edge is working, I should still able to browse internet with just a slower speed-some more even if we subscribe 3g, the highest speed available was 128kb/s which is actually Edge speed!!!)
2. You might exceed our quota, and we had to mentioned that once a customer exceed their quota, the connectivity will drop to Edge. Let me check for the quota....and...the quota stated here was satisfying. Maybe it's the system problem. Let me check...
(And of course I will know if my Digi 3g exceeding the quota or not, cause I login the OCS to check the account, you moron! And once they checked the system, the answer given was certain area Bdr Sunway might experience slow connectivity due to upgrading services....)
3. I asked and demand explanation on why the customer was not given any notice or warning regarding to the interruption of broadband services due to upgrading purpose... The answer given was- it was not a major interruption and some at the nearby area still enjoy the 3G connectivity and may I suggest you to switch your mobile option from WCDMA only to GSM???
(I was like...WHAT?! Why would digi need me to pay 3G bills if they can only supply GSM connectivity for me? If Digi cannot support such a large internet users traffic during peak hours and have to reduce until GSM connectivity, might as well they don't advertise that they have turbo 3G!!!!! I felt like being cheated totally by digi!!! )
4. Another excuse given was that Digi would not inform customer regarding to their service interruption until customer call in to inquire regarding to slow connectivity or no-connectivity. If it's MAJOR (such as whole Malaysia.... if it involve whole Malaysia; then I guess Digi gonna receive non-stop customer complain for not being able to keep up with the capacity but still wanting to earn from the people...) then only Digi will send out information regarding to the interruption. And they keep on repeating that today is public holiday, so the traffic was in peak hour and the connectivity was slow...BUT I told them...I had been experiencing this since yesterday..and yesterday WAS NOT a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!!
5. After they had no other explanation that can be said to chill off customer, they just keeping mentioning that " we understand your situation, and any other thing Digi can help you?!"
(What the F***)...If Digi understand our situation, won't they readily inform customer ahead of the upgrading issue? Won't they bother to speed up their so-called Digi Turbo 3G? I am still having speed like 50 kb/s when I am paying a 3G speed bill.
Ok...asking me why I did not change service provider even Digi Sucks? Coz the residential area that I am staying do not have P1 wimax, UniFi, Celcom, Maxis, TmStreamyx... (coz it's a Digi Territory!!!)

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