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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Digi Turbo 3G no connectivity at Berjaya Park!!!

I had called Digi Helpline to inquire regarding to the unstable connectivity by Digi 3g broadband at Kota Kemuning.
I had tested the modem by using the Digi 3G broadband at other areas and one of them is Bandar Sunway. After lodging complain to Digi regarding to the disconnectivity at Bandar Sunway, the signal strength and stability of the connection getting better, with at least 3 bar of the HSDPA signal. However, the connectivity at Kota Kemuning is getting worst day by day.
Initial subscription of Digi 3g broadband served almost 100% signal strength every day. The downloading and uploading rate a bit disappointing even from day 1 of the subscription because it did not gave 7.2 mbps speed, only with less than 100 kbps and when connection was good, it will raise up to 120kbps. That's the fastest from the subscription. Well, I know that I am paying 3G for a non-3g speed, but it wasn't my will to subscribe. Berjaya Park Kota Kemuning is claimed to be a digi territory. How do I get to know this? Referring to all my previous post regarding to the internet connection, my brother in law had asked TMnet to install streamyx in the house. However, TMnet staff could not do anything because they do not have the connection at Berjaya Park, and that is a Digi territory. The only way to get a fixed line is through Digi and the only way to get internet connectivity is through Digi as well. Apperantly that time, other telcos signalling at Berjaya Park are quite weak as compare to Digi.
Well, since Berjaya Park is a Digi territory, I did not see any excuse of Digi failing to boost their signal here for 3g broadband. Again, the most ridiculous answer and feedback from DigiHelpline was that Digi is having upgrading. What? Upgrading? With upgrading every now and then, how on earth that the services of bandwith provided is still low with less than 100kbps and Digi is upgrading their service? Liar! When they are doubting whether is my computer is at fault, I told them I had tried using the card in other brand of lappy, in different places and as well as using the same data sim in 3G phone as modem to try the connection. To my disappointment, the disconnectivity still happened. I can be at MSN one moment, and out of a sudden being disconnected and the worst thing is, it won't redial automatically! =="
The signal strength shown when you connect the USB modem is 4 bars WCDMA, and when clicked to connect....the signals shwon 2 bars HSDPA, and when you're waiting patiently for the authenticating.... it suddenly shown FAILED to CONNECT to the REMOTE COMPUTER!
Well, this is Digi 3G service. I could not believe, after so a lot of testimonial of good news regarding Digi broadband being wide spread, and now, they're pulling their leg, showing incapability to handle 3G services, as well as fail to even gave me EDGE signal where 3G coverage is down!
So, Digi, please do not simply gave me reasons like, we're having upgrading services, not downgrading... and we'll look into it and lodge an official networking problem on behalf of you in our network department! I am so sick of it and I want to know, when will you finish investigating of the downgrading service, and when will you buckle up your service back to the 3G that I had subscribed!
I had taken this photo while I am waiting for the connection test. This is a PING test performed while I had the connection instability and did you notice the F*?! It's a total fail for the internet service provider.
I needed the internet connection to surf journals, to send in important email as well as to inquire certain important details from conferences organiser. I had to be at the uni for such facility now and then, even I am paying for Digi 3g broadband!

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