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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dinner on Sunday night ^_^

I had delayed this blog, because I had fever and nausea after the car service at ipoh on monday until yesterday.
I wonder, the car service that I had done on Friday, christmas eve, they did not gave me the remaining left over engine oil lubricant. Supposedly, the engine oil lubricant has 4L and usually they will have around 1L left over. Where was the remaining 1L? The car service centre eaten up my 1L engine oil lubricant!!!!
Anyway, I am going to complain to them for not giving me the remaining engine oil lubricant during the next visit, and if the next visit they did not gave me back the engine oil lubricant as well, I think I am considering to change car service centre!
Meanwhile on Sunday night dinner....
At last, I had been to Tualang there for seafood dinner!!!!
Belacan fried 'shu miu' (spicy) Steamed prawns 'rice wine' added in for taste and aroma for fresh prawns
Chilli sauce for the steamed prawns. Superb, espacially the chilli sauce manage to bring out the freshness of the prawns meat!!!! 'Kam Heong' fried crabs. The crabs given were kind of small, would prefer if they got bigger and more flesh crabs. They gave me the name card and behind the card, there's a map on how to reach Luen Fong.
The front view of the name card, you'll know if you had found Luen fong by 2 big prawns picture at the front door.

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