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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lunch at OldTown white coffee

Being stranded alone, wasn't a bad thing.
Just recover from a fever yesterday, and out of a sudden, I was being dragged / kidnapped to IOI mall Puchong.
Without knowing what to do, while waiting for WC finished her meet up with friends; I just need to find my own activity...
So, Old Town White coffee become the destination for me to take a rest, have my lunch as well as to surf online.
Lunch time.... 12pm-230pm at Old Town White Coffee.....
They had a total of 6 varieties,
1chicken noodles
2javanese mee
3chicken rice
4prawn meehon-mee
5asam laksa
6steam rice with sausage & chicken (20 minutes waiting time...)
served with classic float- 7-up, 7-up revive, pepsi, miranda strawberry...
I had choosen set 6, steamed rice with sausage and chicken... and 7-up float.
The taste?
I like the chicken fillet steamed together with rice. It tasted superb. The chicken fillet so tender with the sausage (well, if the sausage is the real traditional chinese sausage, it should be even tastier).
I do wonder, if Old Town will serve other items, or snack such as chu cheung funn? or porridge?
That will really make a lot, as this is an asian style of coffee shop and franchise, it should be in for consideration.
7-up Float Close-up : Steamed rice with sausage n chicken Steamed rice: yum yum.......XD This was the lunch I had just filling and great!!!


jingz said...

although many ppl complained old town food is expensive and not nice, i'm a fan of old town too be honest..^^

spending time alone can be quite enjoyable one!

Cheerioet said...

old town indeed charged a little bit over, yet, it's still better than papparich; and the food served up to par...