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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Penang Trip 1

At last, I can blog something positive, happy and energetic!
Last weekend was GREAT!
I enjoyed the hospitality given by Flag and Flag's family.
Hmm, Not to forget the "tak waras" (sot) girl T-Y to drive us to Penang Island and visited Butterfly farm.
After attended Vaanmathi's wedding ceremony on 24th Nov, I stayed at Flag's house until 29th Nov! Yeah, that's such a long holiday for me...I had not been able to rejuvenate myself through holiday since the madness arrived during May.
Loh Mihun Mee
According to the chinese translation to english, this drink called Iced Three Tasted drink which consists of Nescafe/Coffee, Milo, and Milked-tea. Hokkien Mihun Mee aka Har Mee (Prawn noodles)
These foods were taken at Bukit Mertajam, (I forgotten to take down the shop name) somewhere near the BM's market.
Coming up next.... [Penang Island cendol, laksa, peanut soup and many more...]

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