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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top Korea "吃客"

I am back to hometown...
Went to dinner at a new place at Bandar Baru Kampar called Top Korea "吃客".
I felt the taste of the food is ok, but not up to the expected Korean style foods especially the soup. The taste seems to be like a pack of chilli powder, artificially made.
The pancake would be much more nicer is they can make it slightly thinner in the middle and less flour at the base and a bit crispier... that might get the pancake to taste better.
Seafood onion pancake Hot pan fillet Kimchi smooth tofu soup Korean style fried rice vermicelli with pork
Their nugmeg juice was good, according to my mum. I tried Korean Sour plum juice....the sour plum tasteless, and I can said that juice was like an iced water taste to me.
*** I want to wish everyone to have blessed and joyous Christmas and New Year!!!
"Joy To The World".....

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