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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today definitely is not my day


Today definitely is not my day.

When I were driving out from Kota Kemuning towards shell for pumping in petrol, saw a very fast avanza driver, did not let way and driving very recklessly in the middle of the rain. (The driver was very fast, hence, I slowed down the car for the avanza drive to overtake me.)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

EEG CNY New song

New year for Lunar calendar is coming around the corner, folks are rushing back to hometown for this festive celebration...

This year EEG Chinese New Year song-CNY2011

~Nichole's Bday~

Celebrated Nichole's birthday a day later.... {Happy Birthday, Nichole!!!!!!!!!!}

and asked along her boss and the rest of the lab-mates...

 the set lunch menu.....
 Birthday girl with KY
 Birthday girl with WC
 The signature decoration from Garden Lifestyle restaurant...
 Imagine you have to clean this decoration when you found dust... =="
 Fruit cake for the birthday girl....
 (Nic!!!! What are you doing??????)
 Enjoy you cake!!!!!!!!!!
The set lunch(s) that we'd ordered....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sunway Pyramid mascot...

Sunway Pyramid CNY decoration...
There were 'choi shun'- god of prosperity and a lady dressed with the full opera styling standing near the stage for photography purpose. I did not manage to capture their picture as many people rushing to meet the 'cho shun'.

Petition Against Malaysian Dog Abuser toward SUSHI the Brown Toy Poodle

I saw that there is a petition going on...

So, I thought of to share it out and here you go...

Thursday, January 27, 2011


At last, went to T-Bowl for a lunch. Sadly, not during weekday...because on weekdays, you can enjoy their set meals which comes together with a drink and dessert.

The T-Bowl (toilet bowl) concept eatery place...At Sunway Pyramid branch.
1. Mango Lime Bubble Mocktail...
2. Kiwi Dlight Burger
3. Signature Giant Sausage
4. Volcano Spicy Chicken

I should say the food are just so-so, because I found out that the food that they served that day weren't hot ans sizzling... felt like being warm using a microwave before served, especially the giant sausage. The first bite, I felt it wasn't hot and in fact, a bit cold as in left at room temperature for some time. They really needed to look into this. Serve sausages that were not warm--> not fully cooked; left at RT for quite long; reheat the sausages that had just been thaw--> my assumption of the possibilities)

Well, I guess we can always enjoy the uniquely design in the place, but not the food. (my 2 cents)

Has anyone seen this dog abuser?

There is a group of animal lovers, they made a poster for people around to find the abuser of the poor poodle doggy.

(credit to Malaysian Dogs Deserved Better and Andrew&Michelle's 'save the Poodle" Mission)

Please help to find the abuser and do lot let these maniacs ruin the dog's life.

Thanks...and please circulate this around.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

- trust???

I will say of the LORD, " He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." 
                                                                        Psalm  91:2 (NIV)

 I trust that there is something called destined, arranged by our Creator...

Are you with me?

Monday, January 24, 2011

---sigh---- =="

I thought I will receive my kit on Friday, and received this bad news that the kit would not be arriving on time due to manufacturing problem.

All those time that I prepared for the arriving of the kit is wasted...all wasted.

Now can anyone tell me...what should I do?

This is really discouraging, a real stress moment.

Things really would not goes right, when you wanted it them to be...


Sunday, January 23, 2011

prosperity burger for lunch~

Prosperity burger...

A way to make yourself prosperous in the coming year...

Well, the prosperity burger can really be taken once a year. Not only because McD only offer it during CNY, but also the too pepper seasoned chicken burger will caused the person not to take in twice. (Well, this is my 2 cents...I felt that too much black pepper seasoning inside, I am not too sure about your taste, though...)

I think I rather have luck than prosperous. I needed a lot of good good luck this coming year... and please pray for me-->lots of luck...

p/s: the prosperity burger set comes a long with a fizzy drink. you can ask for carbonated drink, and it's even rm1 cheaper...

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Take away burger from SS15.
Mushroom Burger (Black pepper + onions) Taste like the prosperity burger but, this had less black pepper and it just blended well with the glass lettuce. Prosperity burger lack of the lettuce, hence making it very meaty and the chicken meat overly sprinkled with black pepper.
The Chicken Special Burger (Benjo sandwiched with the chicken meat and chili sauce) Liking this very much, even though it seems like an ordinary chicken burger without any specialty.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Cny is coming....real soon.... XD

Thursday, January 20, 2011

-vegetarian 'sushi'

Went to this vegetarian restaurant again at Sunway Mentari. It is situated just opposite Sunway Pyramid same block as the McDonalds.
The shop named 'Shiang Hai'...and here's their menu front cover...
Just to fill the free time while waiting for the food, I snapped this photo...
The 'sushi'...vegetarian sushi served...(forgotten the name... :p)
The dish of the day--> Curry Mee (each day, the shop served different specialties)
Another vegetarian 'sushi'... (yin he)...

please vote for her...

A friend of mine, ShinHwa is in a competition. She has posted her work and needed votes to help her to get the recognition and win the price.

So, please join me to give her support, vote for her song and her (ShinHwa) with the details as shown below.

歌名: 长恨歌 
作词: 郑凌旭 @ Mike Ringsea
作曲: Shin Hwa
编曲: Shin Hwa

Please click Here for the link.

You will need to register or sign up to become the voter. Once you had received the notification to verify your email in your email Inbox, click the link to activate your account, and can vote now...

Oh, bear in mind that one IP address only can vote once a day. (Sigh, maybe they are trying to reduce cheating via multiple vote, but sad that if we're using router to share a line, sorry...can't help much... I am not IT literate...)

Thanks for all the support...and don't forget to vote everyday. XD

asking for food...

I remember I had this video taken back at hometown with Lucky chai....

Sharing it out now...


Lucky chai, asking for food...and he's waiting patiently until I finally gave him the food...

Oh, what food was that??????!!!!!!!!!!

hehehehe....try to make a guess...XD

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Take a look at this Oscar...

He's at the upper floor of the house, sitting next to the stair case and licking his leg while I am using the camera to peep on him.

Snapped some photos before he rushed towards to my room, and investigate what I am doing there.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


There are times when...

You're looking very much like a free man,

What to do when you are insomnia?

What to do when you are insomnia and could not write anything to form a chapter?

Found photos from the previous cooking...and thought of uploading it for fun...

 I did not know what is this dish. I just simply cooked some marinated chicken fillet, with some pineapple and tomatoes and macaroni.....
Glass lettuce ... my favourite type of greens... and fried garlic with oils to pour onto the veges.... yummmm

so...what to do when you're insomniac?

find some photos to blog!!!!~~

Monday, January 17, 2011

~~Empire mall...

This is the 1st time I step into Empire mall.....

Kinda lost when I enter the mall....

today Toys R Us personnel in charge that had been sent over to meet us, was a nice pleasant lady.

she gave us the rm 50 voucher as a token of appreciation and also, explained to us the Star Card membership application and assisted us to apply for the card. However, I did not apply for the card. Only Wc did.

we went to I love Yoo for lunch. They have another set c which consists of a glass of soy bean, a bowl of porridge and a bowl of 'char kui'.

Photos? coming up next....

big nose?!

I am testing the page break using Lucky chai's photo...

Lets see if it works...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

~pre-departure briefing?

Went to a pre-departure briefing at Boulevard Hotel from 1pm to around 3pm?
Without having any breakfast, lunch and immediately rush over there indeed caused me to have gone insane.
Once we found the place, registered and seated; I rushed to get a cup of Milo to warm my stomach from being upset.
I am not too sure, if it's necessary for us to listen for the pre-departure briefing, because it was something that's really very basic...
Like for example bring your passport, your visa, your letter of acceptance, your travel adapter, your cash which is not more than AUD10k otherwise, you need to declare...and so on.
There was a reminder of to use either credit card, bank draft or TT to pay the fees. Once again, do not bring too a lot of cash...
Then they brief about the banks available in the campus, the transportation, the accommodations, the environment, the city, as well as the student society... ==" (I went to the loo, when the MUMO's president just started his speech...I don't know why, but the way the president persuading and promoting the MUMO did not seems promising and interesting...)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

@t 1U---

I had forgotten to put this up, when I received that news on Thursday.

Alright, here we go...

Dropped by at 1U to search for something, but no luck.

Friday, January 14, 2011 in early of Jan...

It was such a shock to know that news.
I did not know how to react and respond towards receiving the news.
I am so surprised with what I had heard. This was a type of news that I could not imagine in the early of year 2011.
I am so sorry to hear that and I wish I am there right now to share your sorrow and to comfort you.
But I cannot, because I am not there.
Whatever the situation now, I hope you can continue on with your strength and your wills.
Will pray for her... for you... and your family as well.
I will call you, some time later.
Take care, friend...
God bless you and your family and your loved one.
May she rest in peace and God be with her now and forever.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

customer service from HK Toys R Us feedback

Received a call from Toys R Us HK regional office customer service department.
The person who called named Peggy, was nice and pleasantly spoke to me regarding to the complain.
They had performed their investigation and they are sending some tokens of appreciation to me.
She apologised on behalf of the country manager and Toys R Us...and she told me that they had rectified the matter with the customer service department at Malaysia. They are going to take this incident as an example for their staff training purposes and she personally thank me that such matter had been brought up and forward to the regional department.
They sincerely regretted and apologised for what had happened and they are looking forward for feed back by customer be it good or bad, as this will give them the knowledge to serve better in future.
I had informed them that will send them an email regarding to the place and time to meet.
At least, the matter had been taken seriously by the HK customer service department.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

pledge to educate ppl abt cervical cancer

There is an event going on organised by Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC) with the interesting kickin' title ' Fight Cervical Cancer in Style BFF campaign'.
I had blog about Gardasil, a type of vaccine available in the market right now, as a preventive measures for HPV (s). It did not targeted all HPV (s) but at least the test and research regarding to this vaccine shown promising result. There might be others reporting negative outcome regarding to this vaccine, but there will be always cases whereby different individual reacted in variant despite the conducted research shown test subjects derived minimum allergic or non at all. However, there were death cases reported as well regarding o the intake of this vaccine.

TnG e-statement...

I just found out that my e-statement for touch n go card had been expired. It is required that the user renew it every year...and I had forgotten!!!
I quickly emailed touchngo careline for resolving the matter and viola!!!
My on-line e-statement has been renewed!!!
I wanted to check for the toll payment that I had done since last December. I needed to show evidence of the toll payment, and thank God I have the e-statement.
You can check your touch n go e-statement, once you had register your card at this site.
Print-screened the statement and going to print it out as a receipt as the tolls that I had paid for a seminar.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Frenz's ktv

Wanted to attach this video in the blog for all to view... :p Friends, do mad at me, okay, for this video had been uploaded and lets share the joy... ^^, 唯獨你是不可取替 The original version, sang by Andy Hui...However Sammi Cheng did sang this song during one of her performance at HK. The embedded version is the KTV version of Sammi's performance.

唯獨你是不可取替 (by Sammi feat Andy)

Sammi's way of singing this song was splendid. The song came so alive that I thought Sammi was singing this directly for Andy rather than to the rest of the audience!!! Lolz...

Monday, January 10, 2011

---ktv?friends?i love yoo?!---

Friends (CW, WK, Vic, Ting), Thanks for being able to come out for the past gathering. It was a great weekend for the kick-start of the month, as well as a great day to rise the BP as well. ==" (You'll know what I mean, when you read further) I had called to gather-up friends for January, and everyone agreed on 2nd week of January. Hence, we'll be having activity as usual; which is to ktv and continuing with chit-chatting session at anywhere. All together we had made appointment with 7 friends including me. Thus, I had called to book a ktv room for 6 on sunday. Why 6 instead of 7? I just had a second thought that book room for 6 will be more than enough as if, (okay as IF) there is anyone of us could not make it, we would not need to pay for extra; and if we wanted to add in more person, we will be able to do so in the last minute as th ktv rules can slot in more but not less. Well, out of a sudden, after I had informed the room booking details; I received the replied with one of our friend would not be joining. I was so shocked as in luckily I did not book for 7? On the sunday, we received bad news again from another friend that because of fallen sick, and would not be able to join us. OMG!!!!!!!!! That will caused us to pay one extra person for the ktv and it was a waste of time, money, effort and personally I would said that a waste of my heart-will to make gathering!!! I have always know how hard it is to be the organiser with less co-operativeness by those whom wanted to involve. That is why we are not making this as frequent as possible. We are trying to bond as time permitted us to do so... However, if there is so little commitment derived and poured out, it is meaningless for such empty promises saying that one wanted a gather-up, and disappointed all when that one disappear. FFK--> a term of chinese (cantonese) saying fong fei gei...which is a slang for empty promises. For example: I had promised Jane that I will be attending the concert with her to night, however, I FFK her when I did not show up and instead of the concert, I went directly to home for a good night sleep. (This is be easier to understand, if you try to translate the sentence into cantonese.) For the FFK chairperson, and vice FFK chairperson, I hope that you will try to appreciate what-ever that we are doing now...not just for the sake to well as to draw us closer and to re-bond us. If you could not put out such a simple commitment, please just deny us, and say NO. Do not gave us false hope and anxiety. Thanks. --------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile I wanna thanked Ting for getting us to 'I love yoo!' for the chit-chatting session. The drinks and food indeed generally tasty. Hmm...just that I am not too happy with the incident whereby the cashier asked me to pay for one more 'tau fu fah' when I requested that we were lack of one bowl. Just after I paid, only she served the tau fu fah, and fortunately I took a look at the receipt and saw that the cashier had keyed-in 2 bowl of tau fu fah, and I had now made to pay for one more bowl, which I did not claimed at all. So, I demanded a refund on the spot and showed the cashier the previous receipt. Here are the pictures.....enjoy... (ma jeuk--mah jiao, hot soy bean drink, sweet potatoes ball, tall glass warm soy bean drink, yau jar guai--you tiao, tau fu fah)

curry puff at Ikea

Curry puff from Ikea....
Ikea indeed has done a good job in serving their customer not only for purchasing of their goods, but also fulfilling their customer's stomach.
The foods provided at their kiosk are affordable, economical and tasty.
There are two set available, which are Hot Dog served with a refill-able drink, and Curry Puff with a refill-able drink. There is a topping section, where the customer can fill in their favourite flavour from sauce to the onions and the greens. The refill-able drinks available are soft drinks-pepsi, 7-up, miranda strawberry and orange; the hot drinks served are coffee and tea.
The food's price did not burn a whole in you pocket and it did not interrupt you budget to purchase the Ikea's goods. Therefore, it was indeed a great concept by Ikea to continue with such a service for their customer.
Not to forget to mention that their curry puff is a signature food item. Almost every of the customer will dropped by to purchase a half dozen of the curry puff as a returning to their homes.
Oh, they served ice-cream cone as well. The taste wise? Splendid....of course, you cannot compare with stores that served ice-cream alone such as Baskin Robin, Haagen-Daas, Natural New Zealand and etc...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

at Vietnam House...

Vietnam House, Genting Highland.
Didn't know what to have for lunch, and after much walking and searching; all of us stopped at Vietnam House. Since no objection for trying it, all of us head on walked up across the bridge and there we were... at Vietnam House...
TY ordered Beef glass noodles YQ ordered Chicken glass noodles I ordered Rice set with Pork chop Close up with the pork chop, mix meats and a fried minced meat Vv and WC ordered Vietnam vermicelli (Pork, chicken)
Soda Lime with Mint..... Vietnam Coffee.....

Sam Hing--.细麵

Before heading towards Genting highland, Vv and Ty brought us to a place nearby to have breakfast.
The shop is well-known for a dish called "sai mean"-(细麵). This noodles is resemble of egg noodles used for 'wanton mee', but the texture is a little bit different. Maybe is because of the way the 'sai mean' being cooked, the 'sai mean' did not stand out from the dish. I guess, if this 'sai mean' used to cook for wanton mee, then it will become the 'sai yong'. The mee is different by the way of making the raw noodle. It is by traditional long wooden thick stick with a man using one of the leg to pressure the noodle and to form the noodle. It is way too different from making the noodle via machine. Noodle made via machine does not have any texture. It is only eat-able, but not enjoy eating it.
The wanton tong on the other hand, seems like canton 'yi fu wanton'. Deep fried wanton, served together with a soup. We did not order for other dishes, as they served a variety of chinese-style fried mee; such as canton, hakka, and hokkien.
The shop named- Sam Hing The 'sai mean'--细麵
The wanton soup

Friday, January 7, 2011

Toys R Us bad customer service at Ikano Power Centre

After Blog out the Toys R Us bad customer service at Ikano Power Centre, Malaysia...
There is a reply from the HK customer service department:
Dear Ms Lee
Thank you for your complaint. We are looking into the incident you brought up. Please allow us some time to investigate into details. We will get back to you by mid of next week.
Customer Service Dept
Hong Kong
I had send in the same complain letter to Toys R Us in Malaysia, HK, and US. Only HK customer service department responded...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poor customer service at Toys R Us Ikano Power Centre

Poor customer service at Toys R Us Ikano Power Centre, Malaysia.
This is the first and the last time I will ever walk into Toys R Us, due to such a ridiculous customer service by the staff over there.
The supervisor of the outlet was the worst among the staff.
Initially, both wc and I just wanted to purchase a set of toy which cost around RM100. We were required to purchase the set of toys before proceeding to open it, due to their policy. We were fine with it, and we head on to pay for our item.
When the cashier asked us for a Star Card (their membership card), we answered no and proceed with the payment. Please note that the cashier neither further elaborate the Star Card nor promote it to us.
We took the toy set and head on to the customer service counter for toys inspections and I noticed the Star card application form. I took the form and read that it was written something as in apply instantly upon purchase of RM 80 and above. So, I quickly inquire the application procedure, and to my surprise, the staff told us that we could not apply for the card. I requested for explanation on why we were not eligible to apply. The staff quickly ran to her supervisor called Mr Azmi, and the worst nightmare came.
The supervisor said that he did not say that we were not eligible to apply (of course, because the one whom said so was the staff that ran to him!!!) Then the supervisor became uneasy because I am very agitated due to such ridiculous answer. He suppose to educate and train his staff before putting her for customer service. The supervisor's attitude became lousy when I asked him, so can we apply for the card now, since we had purchased more than RM 80. He said, we should have apply for the card before made any purchasing because after a purchase being made, we were not entitle for the card activation even though we had purchased more than RM 80.
(I would like to emphasize here that, the card application form did not mentioned such a clause and the supervisor lazily replied that all other membership card application applied the same rules.....)
The supervisor even said something which sounded as such: "SO, DO YOU WANT THE CARD OR NOT? I DON'T WANT TO TALK AND ARGUE WITH YOU. IF YOU WANT THEN YOU APPLY NOW!!!" I am so f*cking shock that a supervisor can uttered such words and I mentioned to the supervisor that I am not arguing with him either. I just wanted to know how to the sentence 'Apply instantly upon RM 80 purchase?' I thought the staff should have to attend customer with lots of inquiries...?????
After such T.U.L.A.N conversation with the f*cking supervisor Azmi, both wc and I demanded for a refund and we do not wish to continue with the toys inspection. I do not care of the toys set had been opened or what-so-ever. All I want to do were to get out of there and never step back to this Toys R Us outlet again!!!
I am not asking everyone of the reader to agree with me, as this was an experience that I had. You might has sweet memories with their service and so on, but in this case of mine, it was a bad memory.
Bear in mind that Toys R Us is a chain store and with such services provided, they are just trying to close down their outlet one by one.
I had send in letters of complain to Toys R Us in Malaysia, HK, and US. Guess what? There is no reply at all regarding to this matter... (they do not care for their customer service s*cks, cause they still have purchaser) So, please do not make this kind of chain store that provide s*cks service to grow more, as it will cause the mental stress for all customer.
***Last but not least, if you do not require super expensive toys for your kids, niece, nephew or who-so-ever; do not buy from Toys R Us Ikano Power Centre...for you will receive such a poor customer service.
That is all for now.

AnAnt, XiaoHung,ZhuZhu and Gigi

Plush toys empire!!!!
When the plush toys maniacs met, all the toys can communicate with each other!!!
We have An Ant-the sheep
We have Xiao Hung-the panda
We have ZhuZhu-the piggy
We have new comer Gigi-the giraffe.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Been away for a few days...
And now I am back!!!
Check this out.....
Posing for OOooooooo picture.....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

chu cheung funn

I had forgotten to post this, the chu cheung funn purchased from the Kampar Medan Selera in the morning. (Last Sunday)
This kind of chu cheung funn tasted good when you eat them together with green chillies as well as curry as gravy...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 adventurous trip

What a day to start the 1st day of 2011!!!!!
The 2011 adventurous trip!!! XD
Went to ATV at Kampung Kemensah, Kuala Lumpur.
ATV is an abbreviation of all-terrain vehicle.... It's a 4 wheels bike, heavy, steady and it require you no license (for the journey up- and down-hill for the assigned track) for driving it, just get yourself a tutorial training before operating this vehicle.
The registration -------->
WC holding my form!!!!! The ATV signature boulder... Reached the destination, Sofea Jane Waterfalls... Parking for all ATVs..... I think this is a Duku tree...and can you see the fruits?! The Sofea Jane waterfalls.... After an adventurous ride... Parking and dismiss.... Group photo while riding the ATV.... Our Group photo...